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If I win the lottery

Im giving all my money in bens to street artists.

Some of the best entertainment in the world is born and raised on the streets, it is sang, danced, stretched, flaunted, flamebroiled, handcuffed, and made horse day after day and well into the night, for spare change form elusive onlookers. And I want to help these noble entrepreneuers thrust themselves into the limelight (the ones who want to anyway) and honestly i think all of them do. Even if they say they dont. They wouldnt be in front of a crowd if they didnt. So be kind to street performers, you are after all intrigued by them, and entertained by them, lulled into a trance by them, and we all see you stomping your feet to their rythms. Ide love to become one, but i need to do some more stretching first. So ill just donate some spare change for now, till i win the lottery.

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