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Is there good in all bad?

If there is good that spurs from bad, does that mean that all bad is good?

<P>In my daily routines, I have found that </P>
<P>in every light, there is dark, </P>
<P>in every night there is day, </P>
<P>with every storm there is calm</P>
<P>and with every joy there is pain.</P>
<P>This is unfortunately the ways of the world we live in, and many have discoverd this before me. I think the ancient ying yang theory says it best</P>
<P>there are no absolutes.</P>

If a tradigity for example 9-11 brings people together, and encourages good, does that make the bad event worth while to somebody? Does the appriciation of loved ones become greater when something horrible happens to them?? Is bad nessicary to create good? If it is, then what is the difference between the two? How do you differentiate between good and evil?

How do you know that doing something good for people, like donating time energy food supplies isnt destructive in that it makes those people reliant, and depressed that they have to take those things from you or they will not survive? If you can obscurely twist good into bad, and vice versa, do you really appriciate anything anymore?

What else is there to life? Once you stop seeing things as either good or bad, or both at the same time, do you just become indifferent? Perhaps i have become indifferent. How unfortunate is that?

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