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Cool new gear for homelessness, and living off the grid

If you are a preper of sorts for any sort of catastrophy, not just doomsday sort of stuff, but lets say you fall and break your leg, are you prepped to take care of yourself until you are better?

as a side note for those of you planning on the economic crash thats bound to happen, maybe even in our lifetimes, there is some new gear out there to help those of us planning to live out in the woods…. check it out!

A uv water purifier that uses a small solar pannel to charge itself put out by camleback,
$100 is a bit steep for the cost of a 16 oz plastic canteen, but what a cool idea, i have a feeling we will see more of this in the future.

next up is a cool tool still in beta testing, but I feel will be of great importance all over the world… a weight powered led light that can even charge your cell phone! Called the gravity light….

last up is a really cool new camping stove that does not use the normal cooking stove gas cans, but rather whatever the natural enviornment around you can provide, no need to burn camp fuel to boil that water, plus this thing can charge your usb devices as well! Called the biolite. check it out!

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Hunting your food

If you are like most urban dwellers, we would prefer to go to the meat section of any grocery store no matter how pricey to pay for our meat to no longer have a face on it. I am no different. However, having a hungry meat eating large wolfdog to care for these days my funds for raw meat from the grocery store dwindle very fast. So I have been exploring alternatives.

By means of urban rodent hunting with a pellet gun. (Yes I am well aware this is not a good idea ((both to be hunting in an urban neighborhood, and trying to kill animals with a $38 cheap air gun)) but I have managed to do it none the less.

The first thing you have to understand about hunting (as a person who hasnt ever had to hunt, and was never encouraged by your parents or friends to do so) is that you are taking something’s life, and you had better have a damn good reason to do so. The guilt of that first kill will linger on your conscience for a long time. You will have to look that animal in the eye, feel the warmth leave it’s body as you “clean” it, and if you were a bad shot, you will have to humanly kill it to put it out of its misery.

On the bright side, you get a quick down and dirty first hand look at anatomy, and the mysteries of how the body functions! There is really very little blood contrary to popular belief, and it dosent smell as bad as you would think, (unless of course you hit the stomach or any part of the “waste” track).

Also, field cleaning the animal is not rocket science, and is relatively easy to do. if you need help in an urban setting, there are a ton of field dressing videos on youtube and blogs some taught incredibly straightforward and articulately by 12 year olds so don’t judge.

In the end you have learned a valuable skill which will always be available to you in the future.

Just keep in mind most places in the U.S. require a hunting license, and impose strict fines for not having one, or disobeying the rules associated with it. The good news is they are cheap and easy to obtain, and since most people do not hunt these days your competition is very low.

Good luck, and remember, you should always strive to take your prey in one shot. there is nothing fun or exciting about having to shoot something you maimed again, or know you injured an animal that ran off wounded. So practice practice practice!Image

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How to keep your privacy “Private”

How to keep your privacy private

1) Email: Set up a free fraudulent email address, with a fake name, fake home of residence, fake phone number, etc. and encourage all your friends to do the same, for all your political discussions, and debates, or any conversations what so ever you dont want people to link back to you.

2) Computers: Wipe your hard drive, delete anything incriminating, porn, social security numbers, contacts, credit card info, etc. re-install your software of choice, and again type in fraudulent info for name, contact numbers, use your new unmarked email address, etc. Thus when a “Who IS” is performed on your ip address all the info you registered on your computer is fake. To be extra careful, only use public computers, as home computers can be tracked to addresses.

3) Cell Phones: Buy a pre-paid cell phone, dont subscribe to a contract (you’ll be much happier anyway, as you only pay for the mins you use, i know most people rarely go over their limits in their contracts). Pay with cash, so your credit or debit card is not tracked back to the purchase of your phone, and give a false name when you register the phone. To be extra careful stick to land phones, as cell phones can be traced to within a 10 sq yards or so (confirmed by a reputable cell phone maintenance personnel).

4) Land lines: Sign up for the new encrypted internet phones such as Vonage or Skype and bypass all that wiretapping crap

5) Cable television: This one is easy. Don’t watch T.V. It is extremely mind consuming, it sucks you in like a bug to a bug light, and zaps you clean of any energy. If you do have to watch T.V. watch it at a friends house, or heck go watch it at a department store like sears, and tell them you are trying to get the experience of a new flat screen, and to do so you must watch all your favorite news broadcasts.

6) Snail Mail: This one is a bit more difficult. As anyone’s mail can, and will be from time to time opened, read, and re-sealed without you knowing it. Don’t think the post office is as innocent as you think, after all it is run on the federal budget, and they have been processing mail for how long now? First of all, get a p.o. box, with a false drivers license, and a false proof of residency. If this can not be done, don’t put your name on anything you send out. Put a fake return address, and a fake name to the sender. (unfortunately you still need to put someone’s address, you can put the address of an empty house near where your recipient lives, and tell them to check the mail at that house, and if there isn’t one, send it to something neutral like the YMCA or a bank or something, and have them go pick it up there. If that is to much of a hassle, you’re on your own. Also, if you don’t want to pay for stamps, (since you are paying for the post office already with federal taxes) find some cheep stickers about the same size of a stamp, and put the address of the recipient in both the to and from slots. The machines at the post office scan mail so fast, and are so inefficient, they will mistake things looking like stamps for stamps, and if they don’t, you have the persons address in the return to sender slot, so either way your mail is going to get there. My friend mails his letters like this all the time. It has never failed.

Surely if everyone in America took these measures, this Patriot Act would mean absolutely nothing. It is unfortunate however, that we should have to take these steps to keep what is ours, ours. Long live liberty. One nation under surveillance.

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Hygiene is one of the most neglected things you will probably not come across while on the road. Although kurt cobain made a killing even after his death by being one of the most non-hygienetic people on the face of the planet, dont think he didnt have a wardrobe manager who carefully rolled his jeans in sanitized mud, and micromanaged every single tear in his shreaded jeans. Yes kids, hygiene is important, although neglecting it for a little while is ok too. But heres some tips from me, and things I have found that help keep you clean, and smelling fresh like a lemon and not like a dumpster while on the road.

Teeth. These pearly whites (or yellows in some cases) keep all non drinkable food you come accross from being wasted. When youre hungry and all you find are apples, and chicken legs, gumming these bad boys wont provide you with the nessicary nutrition your body demands. There fore keep your teeth in good condition so they still work when you need them to.  There are a few ways you can do this. Sure a toothbrush is a good idea, but be careful not to get one that is to hard. You can actually help deteriorate your teeth by brushing with to hard of a brush which erodes enamel and is like taking a wire brush to a pastel painting. Toothpastes can also be harmful, as many of them are filled with sugar to keep you comming back for more. Be weary of sugar filled toothpaste, and actually as redneck as it sounds, the best thing you can use when you dont have toothpaste is baking soda. Dab a bit on your toothbrush and away you go.  Flossing is a good idea, but lets face it, even those of us lucky enough to have a home with floss in our bathroom patiently sitting next to our toothbrushes, rarely do it. Toothpicks are a good way to go, and for the rest of the crud in your inbetweens, mouth wash is a good idea as well. And hey if you drink, you can swallow it. Thats what people used to do in the old days to have fresh breath. No its not dangerous, unless you do it all the time. For those times when you dont have access to a toothbrush, and many of us dont, I have found towels and paper towels can double as a toothbrush, simply take some in your hand ball it up, and brush your teeth with it, you will notice a huge difference. The fur will be gone, i promise.

Other ways to keep your moth in tip top shape are; tea, if it wernt for tea, the brittish wouldnt have any teeth at all. Tea is extreamely good for your gums, and should be consumed as often as possible, as its not only good for your mouth but your whole body and make sure its not sugared down, cheese, as soon as cheese is placed in the mouth, it corrects the ph balance, and promotes healthy bacteria which fight off bad bacteria, and hey cheese tastes good too! Sugar free gum is an excellent way to fight bad gums and teeth, as it produces saliva the bodies natural cavity fighting solution, plus it brakes down food and crud stuck in and on your teeth, and helps keep them from turning your teeth into abandon parking lots.

washing your body, see the chapter on showers. just make sure you get all the smelly areas, pits, feet, cracks, face, and you will be fine.

washing your clothes. see the chapter on laundrymats.

 The crapper.

Always always always if you use a public bathroom, wipe the seat down with ahandful of toilet paper first, then give a courtesy flush to let all those people germs wash away incase of splashback. if youre really germaphobic, layer the seat with two ply toilet paper, and double it over if you like, toilet paper is free, and all the waste you are not producing living carefree and homeless, you deserve to waste a few extra squares of toilet paper fighting butt there anything im leaving out?

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Where do I take a you know what?

Well friends, there are a million 0places for you to take a dump or a pee. (Unless your in NYC). Ladies you think you cant take a squat like guys do, but in all honesty, you just think you cant do it. When you see a hooker pop a squat in an alley, and be perfectly content with it, you know you can do anything. After all when you have got to go, you have got to go. And why should you hold it?

In South Korea people squat regardless. They are trained to do it. They even have squatters made for that thing. There is no comforting cold toilet seat to sit on. Ive taken a dump like this several times when there was no other place to go. What can you dodo? Just make sure you always have some sort of toilet paper on you. If you dont have the money for toilet paper, snatch up some napkins form any random restaurant you may visit. Really any store with a bathroom is subject to having free TP. Or something of the equivalent.

Dont be ashamed you have to poop, its a part of life. Do your thing and be done with it.

Guys i dont need to tell you where you can pee. Ive seen guys pee in alleyways, off rooftops, off boats, on cars, out car windows, in bottles, you name it, they have done it. Especially when they are drinking. But ladies, its not as easy for you is it? I suppose you could carry around a funnel to direct your flow better, but thats up to you. Since i cant really say much about you, any ideas from the estrogen family would be highly appreciated.

When it comes to places to use public bathrooms, you have the usual. Libraries, fast food joints, grocery stores (yes they have them always you just have to look for them, sometimes go in the back through the employee doors like i did yesterday) shopping malls, super-centers, public parks, schools, and the list goes on.

My favorite bathrooms are handicapped bathrooms, cause you can do so many things in there. Shower in the sinks, poop, read, sleep, procreate, its very private. The possibilities are endless.

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No, not what beans give you. Gas.

Its probably the most expensive thing you will need to find along the way.

There used to be a method of collecting small amounts of gas form shut off hoses at local gas stations, (and probably still are in small towns) You just squeeze the pump, and out comes some excess gas that had been trapped in the pipes since it was shut off. I have tried this to no avail, but who knows.

Once in a while you can find gas, but be careful its not kerosene or something mixed with gas. I found a 5 gallon gas tank full once in a parking lot. Apparently someone put it down then drove off. More for me.

You can siphin gas, but this is technically stealing. So its up to your morals. You insert a tube preferrably plastic into anothers gas tank, and suck on it till gas starts spouting out. Put the tube in a bucket or your tank, and fill till both are equal. (got this from abbie hoffman, but have never tried it)

Apparently you can just ask people for gas. I haven’t tried it yet, but soon i may have to, i heard from a friend all you have to do is approach people at gas stations tell them you are trying to get back to someplace, (insert sob story) and they will give you gas. Said he made a roundtrip cross country vacation out of free gas.

friend…”go to a chuch, say you ran out of gas down the street and you have no money. my church has special coins they give out for the gas station down the street, so that they know your only getting gas. try it.

hell, they will probally feed you too.” – phortyzz

Im offerring rideshares all over the country. I base my destinations on where other people want to go, and make due when i get there. This saves me a ton on gas money as i make them pay for it, or most of it, i make new friends, they get where they need to go, and for cheeper than a bus train plane etc. and in better company. Try offering rideshares where you are headed. Not only does this save you money on gas but its better for the environment, by carpooling.

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Safe places to sleep

Some places are more safe than others. Trust your gut, and what others tell you. The best place to sleep is in a house in a bed. We all know that. But you dont have a house, and most likely dont have a bed.

Therefore, check out to find a friendly bed near you. You may hve to do some serious asking multitudes of people, after all its a free site, hosted by people with lives of their own. So try it first. If you cant get a place on there….

You can try local community shelters. However shelters are often filled with the homeless people who are homeless because of outside circumstances. Most of these people are lovely people to chat with, but some are paranoid, drunk, theives. So hold onto your valuables tightly.

If you have a car, this is also another very safe method, contrary to popular belief. The most hassle you may have to deal with is construction in the morning waking you up, or an occassional cop making sure you are not dead, or taking up a private spot. As for where to sleep in your car, wal-mart parking lots are great, you can use the bathrooms 24 hours a day, and there is security as well, and usually a bunch of other people sleeping in their cars / motor homes around you. if you cant find a lot like this, you can sleep at bus / train stations, churches, apartment complexes, houses that are up for sale and vacant, and the list goes on. I dont recommend parking garages, or private lots, as you might be woken up by the sound of a tow truck hauling your car away, who may still charge you even though you are in your car.

If you dont have a car, the best thing to do is sleep during the day, and move at night. You can sleep in public parks with no hassle, (yes even central park) landromats, libraries (sometimes), beaches, college campuses, the subway, the bus, the bus stop, behind buildings, rooftops, ect.

At night its a different story. I have seen people sleep in multitudes of places, some out in the open, some hidden very well. Most people who do sleep at night find places off the beaten path where their likely hood of being spotted by cops or other bums or college kids looking to f with them is slimmer. The problem with this method is that if something were to happen, you are secluded and generally helpless outside of your own self defense. I have seen homeless people make tents out of tarp and suction cups and sleep under store fronts, bridges, bushes, trees, parked cars, you name it, anywhere they can find they will sleep. Remember, if you are asleep outside someplace you are libel to be hassled, no matter what time of day.
Therefore, you can always look for a place to sleep inside. Some call this breaking and entering so be careful where you sleep. You could be arrested. i have slept in abandon houses, houses for sale, and college dorms during the off season, but you can sleep in barns, sheds, treehouses, basicly anywhere you can get in from the elements while not causing a scene.

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Making Money

Craigslist is a great place to find day labor under the table jobs like moving furniture, or painting a fence. Really any classified ad is a good place to start. There are day labors in every city just about, ask a homeless person where to find one if you are hurting for cash. Sometimes they will feed you in the process. But these are long hard hours, and you dont get paid enough for your hard work.

If you have nothing better to do with your life, cans and bottles will make you money. But while you are at it, pick up every penny you see on the sidewalk, pick up every scratched off lottery ticket and double check it, (sometimes drunk people scratch them off but cant figure out the rules and toss them not realizing they won) pick up cok3 caps, and sell them online, sell scrap metal, sell your time on craigslist, sell your soul on ekbay, sell the world to aliens on a cb radio, there are a million ways to make money, use your head.

There is always street performing. I saw a guy once holding a radio playing music, and lip singing to it, at the line for the Ellis island ferry. He was actually making money! This made me think. Technically you can just ask for money, but why not do something entertaining for it? Like read a book out loud. Since ive seen several street performers, and they all do something anyone can do (for the most part) so i think when i got some free time, ill give it a whirl. Although talking to some of them, in some areas they have to have city permits, otherwise they get slapped with hefty fines. (what kind of bull crap is that?)

my friend vegasjay rented a 70$ gorilla suit, and got tourists to take a picture with the gorilla for 5$ a pop, he banked on that one, and think about the naked cowboy, play guitar naked on roller skates, and people will pay you. Theres a million things you can do for cash.

which brings up another suggestion i heard today. If you can find a willing significant other, and a cheap ring (maybe from a thrift store or something) you can always propose as a scam to get things for free. People love lovers, especially newly weds, so take a knee whenever wherever, even get some resteraunt staff in on it, you might even get better seats at that event you have been wanting to go to.

While were on the subject of scams, you can also purchase (or dive depending) some military camo, then wear it, clean shaven and stroll around and see if you can pray off of peoples patritisim. The other day i really wanted to go to the top of the empire state buildinng, (for the elevator ride) but it was outrageously 18$ per person! At the bottom of the sign it said discount with military id, and free for men and women in uniform. So i went back the next day shaved, and in uniform, no joke i got escorted to the front of a 2 hour line, they didnt even check my id, and escorted directly up and down the buildinng.  When i came down, i even got an elevator all to myself! It was fantastic! So keep that in mind

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Of course there is lots of food out there that doesnt need to be cooked to be consumed, but when cooking is either vital or just makes your meal taste that much better, having a method to cook your food comes in handy.

zipl0ck baggies seal heat in, and if you place it on say the dashboard of your car in the sun for a hour or two, your food will be piping hot and ready to eat in the military they actually cook food on the radiatior of a just recently driven humvee, i dont know if my radiator would cook my food, but some tin foil, and a few blocks of driving might do the trick.

most convienece stores and gas stations have microwaves. They are all over the place if you look for them.

friend…”It is easy to make a temporary stove out of tin cans. You can use anything from gleaned paper and small sticks to sterno, or candles to make heat. There are even small fold up stoves on for under 20 bucks if you want something to have for a longer period of time, but tin cans are everywhere.” – Judith756

friend…”Candle stoves are pretty easy. Take a large tin can or coffee can and poke a bunch of holes in the sides. Then nail three or four long nails through the bottom (so that the pointy ends are inside the can) and spear some long emergency candles onto them. Light the candles and place your bowl or pan or whatever on top of the can. The holes in the sides will provide the flames with oxygen. This takes a really long time to cook with, but it’ll do in a pinch.” – hellparadiso

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Clothes are not optional in the majority of urban united states. Unfortunately. therefore you must pack them for your travels. What you pack depends on a variety of different things.

If you venture to a warm climate, shorts and skirts might be more appropriate. as would sandles.

whereas a cold climate you will need warmer clothes to wear lots of layers. Layers are the key, big imobile coats wont do you justice. You can improvise layers with newspaper, or anything that can puff out your clothing. This is not about fashion. If you are into fashion, dont become homeless. As all your clothes must serve some purpose.

From a friend…”If you’re just road tripping, only take a few changes of clothes and LOTS of underwear and socks.  I learned this when I backpacked around Europe a little.  Unless you get really dirty, clothes can last you several days without having to be washed.  Underwear is another story…

Also, if you want room in your suitcase or backpack for souviners or whatever, pack your oldest, most worn out underwear and socks.  Then as you wear them, throw them out.  Instant room!” – starving_artist

Clothes should be durable, lightweight, warm, dry, match your situation or character (see the food section) in case you have to look a certain way to be someplace, and clean 9as much so as possible, cause again, nobody likes a smelly bum.) ((except my friend lilac. she seems to find them exoticly attractive.))

When packing clothes, the best space saving way to pack them is to roll them up. This method not only saves you space in your pack, but also keeps them relatively wrinkle free

Clothes can double as napkins, bandages, satchels, rope, weapons, life jackets, shelter, and several other things depending. So chose your clothes wisely.

You can find clothes in several places, but the best place is donation centers. These can be churches, goodwills, shelters, etc. Dumpsters turn out their fair share of clothing, as do lost and found departments. Dont be afraid to take some more clothes and switch out your wardrobe whenever feasible. You can always change your wardrobe in a goodwill. leave your old clothes and change into new ones. then put your old ones back on a rack so as to not look suspicious.

Some people steal clothes, but there really is no need to. They can be found for realitively cheap, or free in multitudes of places. Thrift stores and army navy stores are the best though. and be sure to check their donation bins during off hours. You will be supprised how much you can obtain this way. The signs generally say please do not leave clothes out front or outside bins during non-buisness hours, and therefore its not stealing. its cleaning up after ignorant people.

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Probably the most useful places on earth for homeless, besides the library.


You can clean your laundry, fill your water bottles, find an electrical outlet to plug in a computer, or cell phone, take a bird bath, take a dump, charge youre electronics, search for change (from under the machines, and inside the machines as well), collect clothing (from lost and found piles, if not downright take some depending on your morals) Rest for a good few hours as a patron, and not get hassled, meet hot women, and in some cases get on the internet all in the same place.

Chat it up with locals, and get info from them on a number of things, even perhaps a good meal if you play your cards right, and in some movie script cases, a date! Whats not to love about laundromats?

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Recipes for cheap

Beans and rice are a complete protein combination so it is an excellent source of low fat protein.

3.3 cent breakfeast.

friend…”Chicken livers.  A carton costs about a dollar.
Boil them in either chicken broth or water, add salt and pepper to taste.
Eat them with homemade whole wheat bread and a glass of milk.
You will not be hungry for many hours.  Just a small amount of chicken liver is enought to satisfy your appetite, and it is a very strengthening food.
Eggs are my second choice.” -lazarus


friend…”on days long hiking/camping trips, (back when I did such things) we’d bring a small mesh bag 1/4 filled with seeds and wet it regularly, then it overflows with yummy sprouts. no need to tote jars and such. a bag works very well and drains better.
alfalfa spouts are the norm in grocery stores, but I prefer broccoli sprouts and if you can find a nice mix of seeds with red clover and radish, its zesty and really good like on sandwiches and such.” -isabellauren

friend…”Buy a big bag of potatoes, eggs, oil or butter, some cheap cut of meat and/or cheese if you have enough.  With a few inexpensive veggies (and ramen, of course) it can keep you going.  Pasta is very cheap, and so is oatmeal, and you can get dozens of meals for pennies each from them.” – terra

friend…”Try going to  markets that cater to ethnic communities. The rice noodles I used to pay 2.79 for are 99 cents at the big Asian supermarket, 79 cents on sale, and there is always a brand on sale. This is for a 1 pound package. The vegetables are handled with greater care there, are much fresher and the prices can be way better on what is exotic to us. For ex, Chinese broccoli is usually half the price of what it is at the chain supermarket. Chestnuts, precooked and peeled in package are 99 cents as opposed to 5 dollars or more at the chain market. At the small Indian market, the beans and spices are sold in much larger packages. The spices are much cheaper, even for unusual spices. The beans are usually exotic (to me) but priced very fairly. In fact, most of the things seemed to be priced fair there.” – dive and thrive

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The most useful, and predominant item you will need. You need it to shower, to wash your clothes, your dishes, and filter your body. Where can you find it? Just about everywhere. When you cant find it, you will be in trouble. Therefore everytime you are near some, take some. Always have as much water on you as you can carry. There is never too much water you should have on your body. Fill several nalgines, (classy water bottles) or any bottle you can find with it. You never know when you might not have any access to fresh water.

Drinking water can be found in libraries, schools, resteraunts, grocery stores, parks, laundrymats shopping malls, and some fresh water streams (if need be iodine or chlorine tablets can be used to purify water you feel might be contaminated which you can pick up at any army navy store ((army navy stores are a homeless persons dream shop, scour them with great pride.)))

Water to wash up in can be found in any public place. I prefer handicaped restrooms to be used as bird baths (sponge baths) as the privacy and space can be idealy used. But you can wash up just about any place you have access to some water. make sure to hit the private parts when possible, these places (under arms, groin, buttocks, feet, and face) get the most dirty, and you always want to have a clean appearance. Clean bums get more privlidges than dirty ones. Nobody likes oder.

Showers can be found for a few bucks at YMCA’s, colleges (sometimes) parks, truck stops, and public pools. You can also find a friend rather easily who might be willing to let you shower. is a great place to start.

Washing your clothes can be done in a clean river, a laundrymat, a pool at night, a bucket of water, etc.

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Food is the most abundant, yet most needed nutriant (apart from water) your body needs in order to function. Do not deprive yourself of food, cause you dont have any money. There are several places you can find free food.

First and foremost, just ask for it. Yes just ask for it. There are a few methods that will get you food this way that you should be willing to try. First off. Dress the part of your audiance. (I.E. if you are trying to get food from truckers, passing as a hitchiker, is a good idea. If you are trying to get food from a blue collar buisness owner, dress liek a blue collar worker who is down on their luck. If you are trying to get food from a 5 star resteraunt, dress as fancy as possible and complain about everything)

How to ask for food is an art form. Some people will ask the store owners if they can rummage through the trash in the back without making a mess, and often times the owner will be embarrassed by this, and just give you food. Others make up this ellaborate story of how they are down on their luck and traveling, and yadda yadda yadda, but be careful with this method as most people are impatient with bums and mooches, and will refuse you anything. The most successful method is to offer to work off a meal. Sometimes they wont even have you work, but will be so supprised you want to work for it, they will give it to you free of charge. No work involved.

some tips on asking for a handout are…

always ask for something lower grade than what youre shooting for, for example, if you want a soda, say you want a cup of water, (if they dont upgrade you, you can always fill up at the soda fountain like they care anyway) another example is some friends swear by the approach of just asking the people if you can sift through their trash, and mention you are traveling through town. they say the owners generally give you stuff rather than have you out back diving.

look semi-clean. nobody likes a smelly bum anywhere, be polite, and friendly, and accept defeat if you dont get anything. there are plenty of other places to ask.

managers, and franchises are less likely to give handouts as opposed to one of a kind and mom and pop places.

dont hold up the line chit chatting, wait till the line dies down, and if it doesnt, go elsewhere. Lurching about not buying anything is a bad idea.

A friend recommends “don’t pass up any church function – Tell em you’re hungry and smelled their chili supper or pancake or fishfry-ask if you could help with the dishes or clean up- for a plate of food- and stand by afterwards waddle back to your bike -if they’ll let you leave-

If you’re living in a campground at a lake or park- Ask the weekenders if you could have any leftovers they may have- don’t forget to ask for the alum. cans! Do this Early Sun Morn. I’ve been given the entire camp- tent, cooler and all” Gnarlychattles.

Another friend said “I used to hang out at local fishing spots where a lot of people went everyday and when I saw someone throw a legally keepable fish back then I’d ask if they could let me have the next one or two that they might catch. They always said yeah and that they loved to catch fish but not clean or cook or eat them.” – ursusdave

Friend…”A lot of commercial growers will let you glean. Sometimes you have to do it through an organization, or you can just ask. They can’t get everything in the field, and a lot of times they can’t sell everything. When I lived in WA, I was part of a gleaning network–we would go pick great apples, cherries, plums, and all kinds of things. My kids and I picked a few hundred pounds of apples and made them into cider, pies, ate fresh, etc. We also got potatoes one time. Some gleaning programs get all of the excess food from stores and distribute it to the members. A note about the corn–sometimes a few rows of corn on the outside are feed corn, not sweet corn, so make sure you get the right stuff.” – terra

local markets are good places to find cheap food as well, if not wait till its over and dive the bins. People toss tons of stuff away that they didnt sell durring the weekend.

If you dont want to ask you can swipe it. This is a little different than stealing in that, you just walk in, take what is offered to the public free, and make out like a bandit. For example. You can walk into any free continental breakfast serving hotel and act like you spent the night. Chances are the night shift switched out long before the breakfast is served and therefore the front desk has no idea if you stayed there or not. Take as much as you can eat and stuff into a baggy. The same goes for taking free samples at grocery stores and displays in the mall or wherever you find them. Take as much as you want, who cares? If the place can afford to have them you can take them all if you like. Go to the deli and ask for a slice of a couple diffrent meats & cheese. Resteraunts often have free salad and breadsticks. Eat them while drinking water, and leave, (leaving a few bucks for the waitress if you like, after all its not her fault she has to serve a bum). College campuses have tons of free food especially around orentation week. If you look like a student, not only can you eat lots of free food, but mingle right and you can han gout at parties, and maybe even go home with a few dates!

There is always dumpster diving. Grocery stores, drug stores, basicly anywhere that serves or offers food is free game to dumpster dive. There is food out there for the taking, you just have to get over the ick factor. Food from the trash is subject to the five senses test. Inspect it throughly, and you will be fine. And if you eat something bad, your body can handle itself. You might vomit, but at least you got some nutrients. Although ive been eating out of the trash for close to two years now, and have never vomited from anything i ate out of the trash. I actually eat better out of the trash than if i had to pay for my food. My favorite places to dive are co-ops, and local organic food chains. There you can find the best food for your body for free. Becareful about diving though, conflicts with shop owners and cops are common. be respectful, and leave when they ask you to. And come back when you feel it is safe again. Most people turn their head when they spot a diver. The ick factor is a nice buffer. Use it to your advantage but be careful. Dont overdue it. And get yourself in trouble.

Pick up an edible plant guide, and you will be surprised at the infinate number of common plants and weeds you can digest safely. While youre at it, pick up an edible animal/insect guide with steps on how to dress them as well. Most animals are edible.

You can steal food if you are desperate, but I dont recommend it. If you do steal food, there are guides online on how to steal without getting caught. But the problem with shoplifting is it becomes addictive, and when you get addicted, you get caught. So use it only when you have no other choice.

Eating food others leave behind is a good idea as well. You spot half a sandwich, you can eat it. if you are worried about germs, take lots of vitamin c. Or rip off the bitten off part. And just eat the rest.

there is soo much food out there for the taking, you should never go hungry.

Big cities vs small cities. In big cities you can steal more food, and eat more food off the tables. But you are less likely to get a free meal by asking for it. There is too much competition with other crafty homeless people and generally store owners are over the initial luster of the idea of generosity.

small cities, you are less likely to get away with shoplifting, but you can get a long way by mingling and feeding off of american generosity.

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Never ever consider a weary cop a friend. Cops hate homeless people, and I think its due to the nature of their job. Cops are not hired to protect people, their job is to protect private property. Therefore homeless do not own private property, and are scum deamed to be fucked with for this fact. The best thing you can do to an inquisitive cop is approach them first with legit blue collar question. “Can you tell me where the nearist bank is? I need to make a deposit.” “Where is the best mechanic shop arround?” these type of questions establish you as a worthy citizen of society, and generally the cop will change their mind about you in an instant. Cops are tools. They are nto your friend, but dont make them your enemy. If you anger a cop, you are lible to have a miserable time. So kiss their ass, and be polite, then take your frustrations out on a pillow as soon as they leave. Because although you can learn alot of useful street information in jail, you most likely dont want to be in there.

***Tips that will keep you out of jail.

1) Do your best to avoid going out in public intoxicated or high. If you get hassled and you are all messed up, your chances of going to jail are increased 10 fold.

2) DO NOT RUN!!!! Never ever ever in any circumstances run from a cop. This will do a number of things. a) Make the cop want to chase you. They live for that stuff. They dream of chasing criminals. Thats what they joined the force to do. b) make you look suspicious. why else would you run unless you have something to hide? c) increase your chances of being arrested or detained in handcuffs. you may be fast, but cops have instant radio communications. And you may outrun one cop, but there is another cop waiting for you in every direction. They absolutely love to chase suspects. And once they catch you d) your chances of getting hurt in an arrest increase. as now the pigs adrinelin is pumping, and all those drills they go through day after day, of taking suspects and manhandeling them to the ground, and kicking the shit out of them, for making the cop chase them come out of their pores. e) lessen your chances of coming away scott free. Even if you were doing something illegal, or have contraband on your person, DO NOT RUN!!! You will have a better chance of getting off if you dont run. (In and out of court)

3) Dont give in. (And shut the fuck up) Cops are trained in pressuring suspects into thinking the cops know the suspect was doing something illegal. Truth is, unless you are positive they saw you, they are most likely just suspicious (since that is their job to investigate suspicious activity) and investigating either a call or they drove by and saw you and had that gut feeling you were up to no good. Dont let them search your things if you have something illegal in there. If they do anyway, or tell you they will take you to jail if you dont, let them take you to jail. If they search it without your permission, you can bust them with illegal search and seizure. Which can toss your case out in court. (sometimes they are really good at pressuring and will threaten you will all sorts of things. I.E. jail, detainment, brute force, etc.) Also, if you are toating something illegal, weapons, drugs, lots of money etc. whatever you do double check your shit all the time to make sure its not showing. If a cop stops you and your bag is open and he sees what appears to be weed, and smells it on you, he now has probable cause, and is legally allowed to search and sieze your shit, and bust you for it. (AND HE WILL)

4) KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT IN THE OPEN AT ALL TIMES!!!! Never under any circumstances do anything without asking the officer for permission to do so. You have to get your id out of your glove box or backpack, first tell the cop where it is, then ask him if you can get it out of there, and allow him to watch you do so. The last thing you want to do is put a cop on edge. They will shoot if threatened, and noone wants a bullet in the lung because they neglected to ask for permission to retrive an id card.

5) Always address the law as such, “Yes officer” “no sir, i wasnt doing drugs” “may i get my id card out of my console?”  “Im not from around here officer, I got lost, can you tell me which way is ….?” etc. Sucking up to the pigs gets you on their good side. And once you are on their good side, they come down off their high horse, (most of them) and treat you like an everyday citizen.

Most people dont know this, but cops have a quota not only for tickets every month (to pay for christmas bonuses and such), but also citizen support write offs. Every month the office dictates how many times a cop must actively help citizens in need, its a sort of good guy cop appeal to the law abiding citizens to help establish the force as more of an approachable berring between good and evil. For example, if you get aflat tire, a cop can stop and assist you, and write it off as one of these citizen assist tickets. If you are lost, ask for directions form a cop. They can write it off. It is manditory in most cop stations, and by twisting a situation arround you can actually help the cop out, in which case they may let you off. (for example, you are walking around at night in a downtown city street. Tell the cop you are trying to catch a cab, but couldnt find a payphone. Trying to get to a certain street, a hotel anything. And they will automatically let down their guard.

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Where to start?

Quit your job. Punch your jack-ass boss in the face for making you slave over benighn meaningless bullshit day after day of your wasted life. After all, why do we work? To pay rent? Find yourself a backpack, and a pair of closed-toed shoes, as well as sandels. Three changes of clothes, and several water bottles.

All this subject to change depending on you.

For example if you have a car, you can plan on sleeping in it, and having extra space to store items you think you may need. But keep in mind, a car is more expensive than a backpack, and therefore is still a bill. It takes gas, oil, and other fluids which need upkeep, it is liable to breakdown or pop a tire, and it cost money to park in some cases. Take this into consideration, you will have to work harder to maintain a vehicle, but it will do more for you in the end.

after all, you can venture out farther, collect more stuff to sell, and have more privacy, as well as be removed from the elements. All of which is harder on foot, but not impossible.

Once you have decided your method of transportation, (usually a combination of the two) you now need to figure out how to survive.

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