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I am a 9-5 savage animal

How am I any different than my ancestors,

hunting, stalking, killing, consuming my prey, resting, waking to survive another day or be left behind.

I inhabit a controlled climate i f I can afford it, or I work hard enough to maintain that climate.

I slave over my workload, for pennies upon the dollar, I pay my taxes to knights, and kings in far away lands, who claim to protect me from outside threats, none of which I have seen yet. Mostly due to them being in the same survival mode as I am.

Office spats, routine maintenance, honing of my skill sets, increase my level of success and move me up the totem pole,

and yet tomorrow is a brand new day. Who knows what the weather might drag in. If I don’t perform at peak level, I may not be able to feed today.

Time is of the essence, and fast food beats cooking when you are always running behind.

Eat on the run, in my car, on my desk, eat in my element. I eat only what I can catch / afford / have time to hunt.

My body runs on adrenaline for emergencies which outside of my realm seem benine and downright silly to anyone else. But walk a mile in my shoes. I bet you have similar emergencies in your tribe.


I am surviving, because what are my options? Stop working? Then I cant pay the rent, I cant put food on my table, and besides you have to own the land you live on these days, and dont even think about hunting / growing your own food in this day and age, you will face fines, crimes, and famine if you try out of season.


Nicotine and alcohol are my only outlets, and they are over taxed because the knights and kings know this.

Religion is outdated,

God exists only in black outs and hard drive crashes.


I sit here crouched over Indian style, in my hotel room scarfing down a bucket of fried chicken, I didnt cook, wouldn’t know how to if I tried, but I can crank out an excel spreadsheet in seconds, and type up 85 wpm.

But at the end of the day I still have to eat, shit, and sleep. And in order to do all three of those comfortably I must slave, hunt, and defeat my enemies.


To all of you out there just trying to survive……

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