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Cool high tech gear for a low tech living….

Check out these really cool items to make your opossum living high tech green and sustainable.

First up, the Gravity Light:

gravity light

This light is powered by none other than gravity. Pretty ingenious way to bring light to people with no electrical grid. Check it out!

Next up is the Ultraviolet Water purification water bottle by camelback. A bit pricey, but think of how fast it will pay for itself. Uses UV light to purify your drinking water, pretty neat. Solar powered too….

camelback uv bottle

Here’s a cool little stove you can use to power your usb devices as well. Minimal fuel intake maximum fuel output.

Of course backpack solar panels are really neat too….Recharge your rechargeable batteries etc etc etc.

If you have seen some really cool high tech low energy gear let me know and I will add it to this page…..

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