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Cool new gear for homelessness, and living off the grid

If you are a preper of sorts for any sort of catastrophy, not just doomsday sort of stuff, but lets say you fall and break your leg, are you prepped to take care of yourself until you are better?

as a side note for those of you planning on the economic crash thats bound to happen, maybe even in our lifetimes, there is some new gear out there to help those of us planning to live out in the woods…. check it out!

A uv water purifier that uses a small solar pannel to charge itself put out by camleback,
$100 is a bit steep for the cost of a 16 oz plastic canteen, but what a cool idea, i have a feeling we will see more of this in the future.

next up is a cool tool still in beta testing, but I feel will be of great importance all over the world… a weight powered led light that can even charge your cell phone! Called the gravity light….

last up is a really cool new camping stove that does not use the normal cooking stove gas cans, but rather whatever the natural enviornment around you can provide, no need to burn camp fuel to boil that water, plus this thing can charge your usb devices as well! Called the biolite. check it out!

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Oh, you old heart, you never die do you?

Somehow my restless mind brings me back to you in times of vulnerability, generally 3am weeknights, (or I guess mornings) when I have lost all self restraint. At least this time I am not directly contacting you. Last I heard you were no longer single, and interested in rekindling the old flame that we used to create together. I suppose I am no longer interested either. Although, if I move back (for work purposes) it would be interesting to run into you and see what sort of conversation comes out of the awkwardness.

Somehow I found my way on your old blog, you are an excellent writer, especially when you are heartbroken, so theres that. One positive thing to come out of all of this. we both made plenty of mistakes, it wasnt just you. we were both young, and stupid, and well, here we are, maybe still soul mates, but forever scared of each other because of our ast. we remember the good days more than the bad, which is great, but I left on the bus that last time because nothing had changed, i still felt an object of adornment, rather than a companion, these days, its quite the opposite. I suppose we all like feeling like a pretty new $100 dollar bill from time to time, and you maddame give that feeling freely. and whole heartedly.

My first love has a baby, and a husband, my first crush the same. My first true love has visited paris with another, and I feel more alone than ever. Scared of my nomad roots, and scared even to dumpster dive. how did this happen? how did I become so afriad. i dont even want to go swimming in a lake anymore because of the alligators. god damn florida. but meh, i just keep trecking along, getting older, i am trying not to feel sorry for myself, and I guess I dont, wish I knew more vocabulary to make my writing as beautiful as yours, but then i guess it wouldnt be mine anymore would it. I miss you sometimes, and zach, whoever he is, was right, with hims nomadic comments on your blog. annyway I just wanted to tell you that, even though i didnt say much, i think you know what i mean.

sincerely, worhala waged

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