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Ode to my wonderful mid-content middle-aged wolfdog,

Life with my mid-content middle-aged recently adopted wolfdog….

Everything is scary to him, fast movements, trucks, buses, children, knocks on the door, dropped plates, sneezes…. etc. But it’s getting better. He is not toppling over himself nearly breaking a hip to get away from these things like he first did. (as much anyway)

Hardwood floors (for the above reason) are not recommended. It makes traction darn near impossible for a frightened all muscle fur footed scared y cat. (Not to fear though, we just invested in several carpets placed strategically in all of his favorite resting spots, which has helped tremendously.

Nighttime was the worst in the beginning, due to his poor eyesight, and sheer terror of anything after dark. (Nothing a few night lights couldn’t fix.)

So far, he has only escaped the house twice, off leash. Both times I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!! (No time to think, do not chase after him yelling, calmly follow him quickly, and stay with him until you can corner him someplace, then carry his heavy butt all the way back home, barefoot, since you didn’t have shoes on when he escaped, and of course no time to grab a cell phone, or leash.)((the other thing that helped, was to get him familiar with the neighborhood. Walk him on the same path all the time, so when he get’s out that’s where he goes first. To check his spots.))

He of course is a picky eater. only the finest ingredients, or he refuses to eat, and when he is living with a mini dachshund (a.k.a. hot dog) the last thing you want a half wolf to be is hungry. This of course is expensive, but well worth the money saved in sickly dog vet bills. (so far)

All the freshly planted flowers we put in the backyard are his to pee on. Apparently.

No he is not a watch dog, by any means. Unless there is a fire, (sam) in which case he runs away whining!!! Best fire alarm ever!

All my shoes, socks, school books, homework, food, etc are his to play with whenever he feels it would effect me the most.

He MUST be taken to the dog park at least 3 times a week or the above is much more frequent.

The car ride is a nerve-wracking often dangerous experience. but it is getting better. No Zorro, you can not drive. (A confined space, a good leash, a window down, and LOTS of car rides to fun places are your friends)

Ohhhh the hair…. nothing I own is safe from it. Invest in a GOOD vacuum, and friends who are dog / cat people. No seriously. Your house will never be fully clean again.

He has only locked himself in the bathroom, ate a whole bar of soap, and clogged the running sink flooding half the house once. (Dear god, once is enough).

The hardest part about having a dog with a fair amount of wolf in him is the Alpha pack mentality. If you want a dog who sits on your lap, and gives you endless kisses when you get home, a wolfdog is not the dog for you. I have to remind myself when he avoids direct eye contact with me let alone comes to me when I call him or shys away from letting me pet him that it is just not a normal thing for an alpha (me) to do with a subordinate (him). He is always looking to me as the leader, he moves out of my way when I walk over to him, he nervously awaits the chaince to get away when I pet him, and he just doesn’t act like your normal house dog who lives to serve you. he has an agenda of his own, and I have to respect that.

At the end of the day, we all love him dearly, he keeps our lives interesting, and he is really coming around. It sure is fun to see him play with the dachshund, enjoy the dog park, sit for his food (sometimes), and start to have a recall with me. It gets better monthly (not daily), but I am ok with that. He really seems to enjoy it here, and we don’t mind spoiling him. After all, who knows what he had to live through before he got to us.

To our wonderful mid-content middle-aged wolfdog,

Love your new family.

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