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Strange Times we are living in

Upon yet another restless night tossing and turning in bed wondering what I could possibly give to the world as so many of our ancestors have thought, I determined what is there actually left to give to an audience with dwindling attention spans and even shorter memories?

Science is crafting time machines as we speak (for real)

Medicine is curing cancer (even though it is expensive, and thereby unobtainable to those who need it most, but that too will change soon)

Capitalisim sells out people and products so fast nobody can keep up, so one persons “as seen on t.v.” miracle product is replaced nearly before it reaches stores

ideas are easily misquoted, recited to impress rather than to benefit, and because of this, are generally as worthless as the books they are written on sitting in the stores which are going broke due to people not wanting (or able) to read them anymore.

I could create a perfect food dish, but it would be eaten only by a few, and if mass produced, would be degraded beyond recognition.

I could make a fantastic movie, even a smash hit short video, but it would get lost in the abyss of the endless stock already in circulation.

i could write an inspirational song, which would only become so overplayed it would lose its message in a sea of other white noise.

I could teach, but where can you teach what people really need to learn without it being a sermon, and who really takes sermons to heart after they exit the church?

All this depressing stuff is unfortunate, but isn’t that what we humans do? We express our deepest concerns and joys and let the rest of our life float on by us.

Since I last wrote in this blog I really haven’t done anything worth writing about. I decided to get my life “on track” and go back to school. And boy have I learned jack squat. But I sure do(nt) have some wild stories to tell about the places I hav(nt) been, and the wonderful people I hav(nt) met.

How do we win? How do we find our nitch on this earth where we feel we can make a difference without wasting the majority of our life looking for it?

Some day soon I will be re-vamping this blog, so people can look at it if they wish, maybe get inspired, maybe not, but at least it will be a bit better organized.

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