How to keep your privacy “Private”

How to keep your privacy private

1) Email: Set up a free fraudulent email address, with a fake name, fake home of residence, fake phone number, etc. and encourage all your friends to do the same, for all your political discussions, and debates, or any conversations what so ever you dont want people to link back to you.

2) Computers: Wipe your hard drive, delete anything incriminating, porn, social security numbers, contacts, credit card info, etc. re-install your software of choice, and again type in fraudulent info for name, contact numbers, use your new unmarked email address, etc. Thus when a “Who IS” is performed on your ip address all the info you registered on your computer is fake. To be extra careful, only use public computers, as home computers can be tracked to addresses.

3) Cell Phones: Buy a pre-paid cell phone, dont subscribe to a contract (you’ll be much happier anyway, as you only pay for the mins you use, i know most people rarely go over their limits in their contracts). Pay with cash, so your credit or debit card is not tracked back to the purchase of your phone, and give a false name when you register the phone. To be extra careful stick to land phones, as cell phones can be traced to within a 10 sq yards or so (confirmed by a reputable cell phone maintenance personnel).

4) Land lines: Sign up for the new encrypted internet phones such as Vonage or Skype and bypass all that wiretapping crap

5) Cable television: This one is easy. Don’t watch T.V. It is extremely mind consuming, it sucks you in like a bug to a bug light, and zaps you clean of any energy. If you do have to watch T.V. watch it at a friends house, or heck go watch it at a department store like sears, and tell them you are trying to get the experience of a new flat screen, and to do so you must watch all your favorite news broadcasts.

6) Snail Mail: This one is a bit more difficult. As anyone’s mail can, and will be from time to time opened, read, and re-sealed without you knowing it. Don’t think the post office is as innocent as you think, after all it is run on the federal budget, and they have been processing mail for how long now? First of all, get a p.o. box, with a false drivers license, and a false proof of residency. If this can not be done, don’t put your name on anything you send out. Put a fake return address, and a fake name to the sender. (unfortunately you still need to put someone’s address, you can put the address of an empty house near where your recipient lives, and tell them to check the mail at that house, and if there isn’t one, send it to something neutral like the YMCA or a bank or something, and have them go pick it up there. If that is to much of a hassle, you’re on your own. Also, if you don’t want to pay for stamps, (since you are paying for the post office already with federal taxes) find some cheep stickers about the same size of a stamp, and put the address of the recipient in both the to and from slots. The machines at the post office scan mail so fast, and are so inefficient, they will mistake things looking like stamps for stamps, and if they don’t, you have the persons address in the return to sender slot, so either way your mail is going to get there. My friend mails his letters like this all the time. It has never failed.

Surely if everyone in America took these measures, this Patriot Act would mean absolutely nothing. It is unfortunate however, that we should have to take these steps to keep what is ours, ours. Long live liberty. One nation under surveillance.

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2 thoughts on “How to keep your privacy “Private”

  1. j.

    Also with cell phones, keep in mind cops are becoming big on snooping in your phone if they stop you!! Tip; Use a password on your phone, so it’s needed to open any menus!! The cop can’t look if you refuse the password! 🙂 They are big on intel, such as homleless ppl phone numbers, aquaintances,etc.

  2. Johna938

    I relish, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye dcfddgkggegc

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