Communisim scares peacocks

(may, 03, 2006, one of my old rants)

Communisim scares peacocks,
But embraces penguins

Communisim scares the peacocks of the world who must have the fanciest cars,
most beautiful apartments,
biggest pockets full of money
to attract the attention of the females who feel the same
Communisim embraces the penguins of the world who find that pulling equal shares,
working side by side,
sharing all the tasks at hand,
to attract a life partner who feels the same.

Which bird are you?

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2 thoughts on “Communisim scares peacocks

  1. Not really.
    Communism is usually enforced by a violence-based agency that holds itself above reproach (like the one that rules America).
    Often when people propose a false dichotomy, there is a third option that is better than both proposed options. If people choose to live in a communist society, more power to them. But it is wrong to have that imposed on them by people who consider themselves exempt from common morality.

  2. Bro I probably dislike consumerism as much as you do, but for practical reasons communism is not very realistic, as least in large groups/societies, without having to be imposed by an authoritarian government.

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