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As i walked over the dying field of yellow grass…

(feb 14th 2006)

….under a gray cloud-filled sky, i was under attack. I could feel the air choking my neck hair as it tried with all its might to take with it my worn out body back with it to the burial grounds where all the living things that fall from the grace of a stronger race. …………………………………………………………………………………………………….This world we live in is composed of a few emotions. Love being the weakest, and aggression being the winner in all contest. Anger, hate, fear, oppression, judgment, immorality, all spur from the primal instincts of survival of the fittest. Love, an emotion which hinders the strong, and cripples the moderate, prevents natural selection. How unfortunate an event such as war. An event which, from an elevated species such as man, is no better, or worse then a pair of silver-backs slaughtering one another for the chance to mate, and carry on their DNA……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Why is it man has such authority, and means to carry out these atrocities? Man is just like any creature, from the plants, and the trees which devour minerals in the soil, and deplete precious water from the calm summer breeze, to the insects that devour the plants and seeds. From the gazelle who graze upon the lands and multiply immensely, to the lions who maim and eat those who are not fit for living. The slow and the weak, the honorable, the compassionate, the caring, all get left behind in the struggle for the omnipresent race. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… People are no different then every other living thing. We need water to stay alive like the plants. We need to feed off the plants and animals to stay in good shape. We need space to roam, and play, to gain the skills needed to compete with our fellow inmates. We need to lie, steal, attack, and abandon the meek. We need racism to ward off adversaries. We need wars to cut back overabundant populations. We need genocides, biological and chemical weaponry to take our place one step ahead on the staircase to immortality. We need cars and roads to drive them on, running water in our homes and shredded trees to wipe our selves clean. We need Clorox and sulfate to prevent invasions of bacteria and darkness and disease. We need constant stimulation, we even have t.v. to keep our children entertained on the way to the convenient grocery store where we no longer need to hunt our meat. We need cameras watching our every move, microphones listening in on every word we speak. We need to control our every muscle spasm, and when we try to revolt by donating our food, our money, our lives to help the weak, we are giving in to the top elite… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… I don’t want a single fiber of my being in that top 10 percent. I do not understand this world. I do not comprehend this survival jargon, as all living things must die one day anyway. Why should i waste my time on earth walking on the backs of those in need? I don’t want anything to do with this nonsense that revolves around survival, and i aim to change my ways.

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How to keep your privacy “Private”

How to keep your privacy private

1) Email: Set up a free fraudulent email address, with a fake name, fake home of residence, fake phone number, etc. and encourage all your friends to do the same, for all your political discussions, and debates, or any conversations what so ever you dont want people to link back to you.

2) Computers: Wipe your hard drive, delete anything incriminating, porn, social security numbers, contacts, credit card info, etc. re-install your software of choice, and again type in fraudulent info for name, contact numbers, use your new unmarked email address, etc. Thus when a “Who IS” is performed on your ip address all the info you registered on your computer is fake. To be extra careful, only use public computers, as home computers can be tracked to addresses.

3) Cell Phones: Buy a pre-paid cell phone, dont subscribe to a contract (you’ll be much happier anyway, as you only pay for the mins you use, i know most people rarely go over their limits in their contracts). Pay with cash, so your credit or debit card is not tracked back to the purchase of your phone, and give a false name when you register the phone. To be extra careful stick to land phones, as cell phones can be traced to within a 10 sq yards or so (confirmed by a reputable cell phone maintenance personnel).

4) Land lines: Sign up for the new encrypted internet phones such as Vonage or Skype and bypass all that wiretapping crap

5) Cable television: This one is easy. Don’t watch T.V. It is extremely mind consuming, it sucks you in like a bug to a bug light, and zaps you clean of any energy. If you do have to watch T.V. watch it at a friends house, or heck go watch it at a department store like sears, and tell them you are trying to get the experience of a new flat screen, and to do so you must watch all your favorite news broadcasts.

6) Snail Mail: This one is a bit more difficult. As anyone’s mail can, and will be from time to time opened, read, and re-sealed without you knowing it. Don’t think the post office is as innocent as you think, after all it is run on the federal budget, and they have been processing mail for how long now? First of all, get a p.o. box, with a false drivers license, and a false proof of residency. If this can not be done, don’t put your name on anything you send out. Put a fake return address, and a fake name to the sender. (unfortunately you still need to put someone’s address, you can put the address of an empty house near where your recipient lives, and tell them to check the mail at that house, and if there isn’t one, send it to something neutral like the YMCA or a bank or something, and have them go pick it up there. If that is to much of a hassle, you’re on your own. Also, if you don’t want to pay for stamps, (since you are paying for the post office already with federal taxes) find some cheep stickers about the same size of a stamp, and put the address of the recipient in both the to and from slots. The machines at the post office scan mail so fast, and are so inefficient, they will mistake things looking like stamps for stamps, and if they don’t, you have the persons address in the return to sender slot, so either way your mail is going to get there. My friend mails his letters like this all the time. It has never failed.

Surely if everyone in America took these measures, this Patriot Act would mean absolutely nothing. It is unfortunate however, that we should have to take these steps to keep what is ours, ours. Long live liberty. One nation under surveillance.

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Why I joined the Army and Why I Want Out

(old post from Mar 29th 2006)

Many of you have been curious as to why I joined the army, and why I am so against it now. Well, ill tell you.

Why i joined the army huh? Well, you might laugh, but i wanted to be a film student. I was poor, had mediocre grades, no scholarship money, was lazy, hated my hometown, wanted to meet people from all over the world to generate ideas for movies, and i wanted a job where i could make easy money to buy a nice digital camera, and an apple computer.

I took the asvab, scored 2 pts below where i needed to be (supposedly) to get the photography job i wanted, but my recruiter assured me that after basic training, i could change my job (blatant lie). It sounded fantastic to an ignorant, excitable 19yr old guy.

I had no political views at the time, and was told i was going to be put in a job that would never get deployed. (soon to find out, all jobs are deployable, let alone the fact that jobs tend to change, based on demand).

Everything sucks you in in basic, there is a smidgen of brainwashing there. If you have a strong mind, and have known camaraderie outside the army, you will come out fine. If you were secluded all your life, the army is your new life. With it you can do anything. You are generally accepted by everyone, and you are willing to die for your battle buddies.

I loved it, but i had that kind of friendship on the outside, and knew when things got silly, and understood this too shall pass.

It did. I gained my political stance the moment i stepped off the plane coming home from leave from korea. That country is so poor, but i never really noticed how poor of a country it was until i came back and saw so much gluttony, so much capitalism, so much me me me. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

As poor of a country korea is, almost everyone is extremely nice, and overwhelmingly giving. They will give you the clothes off your back in a heartbeat. Try finding that emotion here. You cant even park your car for free.

When i went back to korea, i started to notice how poor those people really were. How americans, not knowing any better, treated them like savages. We refuse to learn their language, their culture, their hospitality. They must accept our currency, they must speak english, they must learn to deal with our obscenity. (and obesity)

I realized why people around the world hate America so much. We have everything. We have 24hr buffets where one or two people come in, and eat, then the throw all the food away. We have SUV’s to take us 6 blocks to the super-walmart to buy us cheep clothes, fresh groceries. We have all forms of art, which we do not appreciate. We are greedy, we step on our brothers backs to get just one more thing. We go to those countries, and force those people to comply with our rules, our customs, and if they dont we get angry. (and retaliate)

I love america, parts of it, but i also see their side. We have the biggest, badest, military on the planet, and we use it to pillage countries, populations we feel are not doing the world any good. There is such an intricate web of good and evil in this world, i do what i can to stay out of the spiders belly.

I hope that answers your question.

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Communisim scares peacocks

(may, 03, 2006, one of my old rants)

Communisim scares peacocks,
But embraces penguins

Communisim scares the peacocks of the world who must have the fanciest cars,
most beautiful apartments,
biggest pockets full of money
to attract the attention of the females who feel the same
Communisim embraces the penguins of the world who find that pulling equal shares,
working side by side,
sharing all the tasks at hand,
to attract a life partner who feels the same.

Which bird are you?

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