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Forced Sabbatical

Forced Sabbatical

The choices I have made in my life recently have led me once again to sleeping in the back seat of my car. I chose to hold out against minimum wage slave labor in order to free up my schedule in case my true passion (movie making) reared its ugly head and asked me to work on a movie related job.

What I failed to realize is being its summer time in florida at present, there is little if any film work available. Who wants to work in this sweltering heat? I could no longer afford rent, and I was living in a garage for crying out loud, I couldn’t afford to live in a garage which had no a/c. Well now living in my car I no longer have to worry about drug dealing loud mouthed psychopath roommates eating all my food, and using all my toilet paper afterwords.

All I have to worry about now is having leg cramps rolling out of the back seat in the morning, being hassled by cops, and insects, and not having immediate access to a shower. A small price to pay I say for not having to work my ass off to pay rent.

All the more reason why I would prefer to live in my car than work some dead end slave job to what? pay rent in a place i dont even want to come home to? no sir, i would much rather have the freedom of my car, which ironically i was basically living in before anyway.

Im happy as ever, and you know what? not only is october my favorite month, due to halloween, where even the weirdest of creeps are welcome in society, there is free candy, not to mention candy corn my favorite, its my birthday month, and the film industry will start seeing a boom, and because i am living in my car, i am free to  go and work wherever I please.

more to follow.

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