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Midnight in a perfect world

DJ Shaddow haunts this bewitching hour of mine, the time, 4am, the date, who knows, it seems like its always 4am in my world lately. If its not 4am, my new appointed bedtime, then its 11 am my new awakening,

I am living paycheck to paycheck which isnt really a paycheck since its the gi bill, all i have to do is apply for classes for the smester and i get the money. I no longer have to work, i therefore have no purpouse, or destination, i no longer have a girlfriend to revolve my days around, my only friend lives on the other side of the country. this solitude is getting to me. i feel as if my youth is slipping away, and at 26 years of age, who wouldnt? I am expected to be grown up, my body shows signs of irreversable wear and tear, and yet my mind still thinks as if i am in 9th grade. my tactics for courtship sure havent changed much since then thats for sure, no wonder i dont have a girlfriend.

the heat is getting to me as well, i have to spend large amounts of my time out on the town in order not to die of heat in my room which is a garage, more like a sweat box during the day, i have to get out of florida. i cant breathe here. i need to move somelace where its acceptable to be a kid at 26. but where is that?

nothing follows…..

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