Ah paris!

My life, every A-typical, which I guess makes the chaos of it all in a way constant, as in constantly different,

I have been having some experiences in the past few months that have been changing my perspectives on lots of things, women, sex, education, work ethic, getting older, where im going, etc etc etc…

I suppose I should update this blog more often but I am finding making things personal, no longer just affects me. it seems a have a small following of people reading abOUT MY LIFE, PERHAPS EVEN EXPERIENCING, AND SELF REFLECTING (sorry bloody caps button) upon their own lives through mine.

I havent much to say in this entry, except, thank you. Thank you to anyone who reads this garbage. Cause thats all it honestly is. me dumping thoughts i cant figure out how to tell to someone, anyone, face to face, but you my beloved reader, you sit here and listen. And for that I am ever greatful. I love you. You are my best friend, and I dont know what I would do without you in my life, experiencing all that I am, side by side with me. Life truely is better shared isnt it.

with that, i bid you adieu for now.


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