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These are the days…..

Of our lives. You only live once, nless you believe otherwise, which is entirely possible, but thats besides the point.

ive been sleeping a lot lately, and im not sure its doing me any good, but it IS keeping me a bit more stable I suppose. Ive been frequenting Rollins College a lot more these days, and I really enjoy it. I need to get out of my garage more often. This feature we are working on at school is really getting on my nerves. I am no longer interested in it. I realised early on in this program that I do NOT want to work on feature films. The stress level involved is immense. Everyone is tense, and there is too much money on the line for things ot be relaxed. I much prefer short films with small intimate crews. I will love being a high school tv production teacher.

(I realise this is way more like a personal blog entry than an ephinay, but honestly, who cares, its my blog, and i can write out whatever i need to in it….)

Listening to Rollins Radio, in the underground cafeteria, drinking honest tea of the jasmine green variety, shoes off, still wet from walking in the rain form my car to the building, letting out gas, needing to take a crap, still giddy from the short but oh so wonderful conversation i just had with a pretty cashier at whole foods who has been trying to get me to talk to her and look her in the eye for a few weeks now, and finally got my attention, le sigh, and just plain happy to be alive right now at this moment.

My mom has started hugging me when I leave her company for the first time since my father died, and it really makes me feel closer to her. Im glad I made the choice to stay in florida and go to film school here. It really makes her feel good knowing im just 45 mins down the road, doing something positive something I love with my life. but after next semester, im going to hit the open road again, I want to go to the mid west, and check out new mexico, see if the film scene is going good there, maybe stop by california to visit a dream girl for a spell, Not sure what else will go down in the next few months hopefuilly I can make (finish) some much better videos to post on my youtube channel.

Im making it a point these days to learn french, ive been studying in my car, and maybe soon i will be able to post a video response or even better have a real conversation with the french girl on youtube i love so much. I always have to write to her in english and im sure she doesnt or cant understand me.

speaking of my videos, i want to start making video swith meaning, or at least some social impact, i love politics, but political videos just dont have the social impact they might have had in the 60s, so i decided i want to make videos about love, and happyness, and hopefully they will brighten peoples day, and refresh their standpoints on romance, and invigorate shy people everywhere to go out and get what they want, or something along those lines, can you tell im still working on the pitches?

hmmm what else what else….

cant think of anything although im sure i have more to say.. but im boring myself so ill quit at this point.

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Ah paris!

My life, every A-typical, which I guess makes the chaos of it all in a way constant, as in constantly different,

I have been having some experiences in the past few months that have been changing my perspectives on lots of things, women, sex, education, work ethic, getting older, where im going, etc etc etc…

I suppose I should update this blog more often but I am finding making things personal, no longer just affects me. it seems a have a small following of people reading abOUT MY LIFE, PERHAPS EVEN EXPERIENCING, AND SELF REFLECTING (sorry bloody caps button) upon their own lives through mine.

I havent much to say in this entry, except, thank you. Thank you to anyone who reads this garbage. Cause thats all it honestly is. me dumping thoughts i cant figure out how to tell to someone, anyone, face to face, but you my beloved reader, you sit here and listen. And for that I am ever greatful. I love you. You are my best friend, and I dont know what I would do without you in my life, experiencing all that I am, side by side with me. Life truely is better shared isnt it.

with that, i bid you adieu for now.


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