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Cant sleep. Bendryl not working…..

Cant sleep.

Bendryl not working…..

been having another atypical week.

women are again ruling my life, and making me unproductive. I hate it. but im sort of stuck for a while. and at the same time, i love hardly having to sleep alone but a day or two a week. when i get sleep. these days, its a rare comodity.

just got back from planned parenthood, had a “wonderful” time.

so far so good.

understanding the female species more and more, and long term is boring to me at this point.

out of shape, big time, have dangerously high blood pressure. could have a stroke any minute. sometimes i feel like it. never knew why.

still enjoying life. every fucking second of it. even the sad parts. make for an interesting day.

have been having life experiences, changing my mind on some things, proving i was right on others.

still as much of a hermit as ever.

trying to change that via the internet, but how much do 1’s and 0’s give back?

trying to find amelie, but no where near headed to france at this point.

school is my life, strange feeling,

26 and still living with roomates, cant stand it, trying to change it, hate nosey people, and thin walls,

allergy season. sick for three months straight.

love my mom, somehow i feel closer to her than ive been in a long time, hugged her for the first time in a long time yesterday. think shes doing good. getting old, getting tired of fighting, liek the rest of us. hate it, hate the gray, hate the sore muscles, hate having to take naps, hate having no energy. getting old sucks.

cant sleep. bendryl not……………………………………….

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