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new year, same old bullshit

Sometimes I feel like the appocolypse already happened.

Sometimes I feel like the real living breathing, thinking human population has already been taken up to heaven in the second comming, and those of us left here wandering the streets, and shopping malls are mere shells scurrying about dim lit post modern ruins.

Recently, in the past few months, I have had numerous out of body experiences. All of which occured when something tramadic, or emotional was occuring in front of me. Sometimes things other people were going through, sometimes things I was dishing out myself. Im not sure how else to discribe it, but as an out of body experience. I suppose I have been meditating a lot in the last few months, becoming more and more of a hermit. I have been self reflecting so much and observing the lifeforms around me and not interacting with them I have become somewhat impartial to the direction the wind of mankind is pushing both myself and those around me.

I dont know what else to say except I wonder how many other people out there who rely nowadays on the internet for intimacy, and “real life” for physical survival. Where are we going from here?

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