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Strange world we live in

God bless adbusters for showing me there are other people on this planet that feel the same way I do about the issues concerning our mental well being in this day and age.

The best fucking magazine on the planet as far as I am concerned.

This months issue deals with how the net is shaping our world. Our dependance on it, our use of it, our net culture so to speak.

strange I was going to write a blog earlier in the month on that very same topic, and here i am reading it in my favorite canadian based poli-socio-economic periodicle.

i was curious how people have created duel personalities being able to hide behind the fourth wall so to speak, having lost all fear of social rejection under the anonomity of the internet. As with every balence in the universe something has to give way for this shift to occur. In this case, the case of the net and how it affects the human psyche is that in exchange for losing the fear of rejection, something drugs, and drinking in the past could only help ease the pain, we now find ourselves so easily distracted by the next big relationship fling on the internet we have stopped taking the time to build real long lasting relationships in person. we live though the internet. and we just sort of walk about our day in the real world. the internet is breaking down social bariers but creating emotional ones we couldnt even fathom before. according to the article, the best example of this can be found in metro japan, where youth are no longer interacting with one another in person after generations and generations of repression to curb such impulses, they now rely so heavily on the use of the net to feed their urges they have lost the ability to interact in real life. I fear i am slowly lsoing that ability myself. it makes me want to move someplace far away form technology, but at this stage in my life i have become so heavily dependant on it myself, that im not sure i could funtion without it either.

i mean i am one of those people seeking a soulmate via viral solutions to my problem but all i am finding is more women going through the same motions i am, using the net to satisfy my urges on the spot, never letting anything build up to the point of something real, love invloves hate, and dispair, and longing, and heartbreak, and anger, and all these things are so intertwined in such that it becomes impossible to have one without the other, and yet somehow the internets main goal is to break every possible link apart. like one giant scientist, inspecting, scoping, tearing, killing, and disecting so that we may better understand the parts, when in reality all we are doing is losing sight of the whole picture.

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