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Winter heat

Like northerners this time of year, who keep themselves warm by the fire, us floridians keep ourselves neutral through air conditioning and massive fans. Of course the air in my house broke, and i tend to fall asleep driving unless i have my hand out the window, so ive become climatized to the florida heat, and although this has always been my favorite month, not just because my birthday, not just because i have to renew my tags as a generous gift from the department of transportation, not even because dressing up as scary clowns, and silly disney charicters seems like a lot of fun, even the christians get into the festivities with pumpkin pathces, and hay rides, no i love october because its one of the only times you can get candy corn in mass quantities.

the air starts to chill, not very often but on occasion, hurricane season is coming to an end, and the heat although not terribly unbareable in the summer, but certainly swealtering, has started hidding its tail between its legs,

although this has been a really awesome summer for me, i mean camp was and always will be the best summers of m life, this one was pretty darn awesome,

and im sure this fall will be much of the same.

but ill surely miss the heat, theres something comforting in it. girls wear less clothes, everyone sweats, and everyone smells like a million bucks been dropped into a pig pen,

i love seeing other people enjoy the heat as i do, arms out the window, dont care if they are sweaty and stinky, i think everyone looks more seductive with some perspiration, looks like thehy have been going at it, just some sort of sex appeal in the heat, its a strange thing, more to come,

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what a strange week its been

contacted by half of my ex girlfriends already.

all of which conversations began in a sort of “want you back” esque mood, ending with me angry, and them remembering why they broke it off with me in the first place.

and me why i am no longer with let alone talking to them as well.

funny the women i love and would love to talk to never write me.

i imagine when they come around to it, it just wont matter anymore.

for the rest of them, i gotta learn to stop being a marter, and “loving” people because they “love me” and i feel obligated to “love” them back.

maybe someday my relationship with a girl wont be like that.

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the rapture

last night i had a dream.

last night i drempt i was smack in the middle of the rapture. it happened like a george a romero film. the world started dueling god vs evil, the good urvived without harm, the few of us about could walk through fire, but witnessed first hand the death and destruction of the evil. the neutral (yes there were neutral) were the ones being killed off. in some of the most horrific gore scenes ve ever encountered. hollywood aint got nothing onthe rapture.

i drempt i was in grade school again, my teacher was good, pure, she had ironically dreamed about the rapture the night prior, and was in the middle of warning us about it, sort of like i am now, and during her speach the class got up and started running in a circle, uncontrolably, then the deamons started taking over the students. they started maiming but not killing just mutilating one another. somehow i escaped with a few others.

we made it to the subway, the guards were hassling us at the subway enterence, one of the people with us was a demon, we didnt know it, things were in such disaray, nobody knew what to do, except that some of us had the power of god over the deamons and they left us unscathed.

i remember the government knew about all this, they knew it was going to happen, and some text someplace told them they needed to make a huge cross, and take it up twards the heavens, they rebeled, and made two crosses, the plan of course then didnt work, and the crosses were destroyed, and like what was happeneing down below the hellicopters flying the crosses upwards, some of the crew members started tearing apart other crew members and some of the good crew members started taking another hellicopter back someplace.

you could see the earth, it was exploding, the earth had become hell.

there was no down below, it was hell in every sense of the word, fire, explosions, screaming, knashing of teeth, etc.

the good could walk through the flames and were chanting songs in every language, almost unaffected by everything about them. while the deamons were running rampent. this was the most vivid dream ive had in a very long time.

does it mean anything? who knows. but i figured i would at least write it down.

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