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I light in the Attic

I feel good. Damn good.

For some reason, I feel the best ive felt in a long while.

maybe due in part to the Decembrists humming in my ears,

reminding me of the innocence I used to chase around in the form of a blind early 20something russian foreign exchange young woman, in my personal oasis, where I gradually found myself, the real me, beyond the fancy ties, and name tag shirts, the me that could be as happy stitching a peace sign on a green sweatshirt as crafting mini secret admirer messages on tiny ninja men and lobbing them at unsuspecting girls who were studying in the library i frequented more than any other building ive ever been to.

I just swore a calloused heart to my long time soul mate, and i feel ok about it, maybe this is how nina felt, i hope so, im sure she is doing just fine these days. post andy sipe.

at any rate, tom robbins, richie havens, and film school is taking up my time, and i couldnt have wished a better group of friendly interests.

funny, sometimes its ok to go without a warm bodied neighbor, sometimes a good book, a beautiful background noise, and a sense of direction is all you really need to be happy.

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