Dear Adbusters…

In a time of instant communication, and equally instant gratification, we have lost. We have lost more than just feeling, more than just emotion, intelligence, & intuition. We have been bought, sold, and enslaved into a society in which facebook updates, twitters, and text messages have taken place of phone calls, and most importantly human face to face interaction. In a time when tv sets have replaced car bingo, which got kids actively involved in the beautiful scenery beyond the confining windows of the backseat. When energy drinks, pushed into market faster than the fading FDA can regulate the contents, are replacing the bodies vital intake of H2O. In a time when everybody has, or is developing some form of cancer. When the power of one of the most powerful mediums, film, has wasted its position of storytelling and mass ideological persuasion, on shock and awe graphics, which subsequently get brushed off the shoulders of an ever increasingly calloused and cynical audience. When has more advertisements than synonyms. When the wee hours of the late night “morning” spent “wasted” on wikipedia through hyper-linking, have been replaced with hours spent on youtube watching people get drunk and fall down stairs. When musical, and theatrical talent have been washed out by electronic special effects. When the future of our society living in schools, community colleges, even universities are losing funds to support an overextended military. When your magazine is only easily found living on the shelves of global corporate book stores which are eating up local community owned ones, we need you. We need your voice. Your tangible words. Your inspiration. Your sense of belonging. Your readers, your writers, and your interactive audience. You give those of us who feel helpless, and lost in the undertow of this devolution, a sense of community. You provide us with cover-to-cover ideology and epiphanies, but in such a way we feel involved, and part of something in which we can relate, as well as partake in. We only ask one major thing. Please push out more of your magazine than the current bi-monthly publication.

On a side note, I personally would like to see the following topics discussed between your readers / writers…..

The psychology of txt messaging – how it has produced emotionless relationships through dumbing down descriptive language, the period of time it takes to think and respond appropriately, and the loss of emotional interaction which is heard in the voice through Paralanguage, and witnessed nonverbally in the reactions of the body and face. . (I recently asked my girlfriend to perform a little experiment with me. Instead of txting me periodically throughout the day, I wanted to revert back to the art of paralanguage, through telephone calls. (our schedule, and current economic situations prevent us form face to face communication on a daily basis otherwise that would have been the experiment, but that is an entirely different topic of interest all together.) Just in the past week, we have become closer to one another than we have in the entire year we have known each other.

How graphic imagery, and instant communication has calloused our population into a dormant state of passive acceptance of inhumanity, violence, and abuse. On all levels.

Im sure ill think of more later.

Till then, thank you for being one of my many inspirations to keep on living outside the system, through dumpster diving, turning my radio off, buy nothing (almost every)day, avoiding blockbuster movies, and having conversations with my toll booth operators, mailmen, janitors, and other isolated blue collar workers of the world, which by the way I recommend, they always have the most interesting things to converse about.

Andy Sipe

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