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Asleep, Awake, and Upset about it

here it is 2am again, and ive accomplished nothing of substance.

Downloading music illegally, bands which i try to sleep by but find myself becommin gmore and more involved in,>Obscure music, poets with beats, from the other side of the universe, (or wall map) who rap spit, scream, or cry lyrics that dont even make sense. they keep me awake, they reach out to me like the hands of lost lovers in flashy dream sequences,

video blogs of friends in far away places who dont know how fond i am o fthem except the few words my sluggish brain can muster to type in a response box that fills up daily with others seeking acceptance from these isolated windows  into their minds and hearts we lonsome nightcrwalers long for laptops in beds with us like a loyal dogs, awaiting our petting of the keyboards,

I blame my insomnia on youtube, and lastfm, and the plethora of other sites that keep my mind awake, while my body tries to sleep. I love it i hate it, i dont know how i function when the power fails me. Strange how I have become a part of the internet. Just tonight someone called me a loser over this medium, and at the same time i called someone else a token black guy. Strange how people stand up while sitting down. Strange how people connect farther and farther away while avoiding eye contact in person. Strange how it becomes this medium which the earth revoles around. Strange to think any future protests have to come through this medium. Strange how being inside all the time is ruining my immune system.

My mind is awake, while my body sleeps. and my mind isnt even doing that great of a job any more.

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dance hall turned into feeding pen

Saw streetlight manifesto tonight, been waiting years to see them in concert. It was an all ages, doors open at 6pm show on a sat night at a local night club. The club outsold the venue by probably 750 people and there was absolutely no room to dance to this dance band. Lots of pushing, trampling, and digitizing of it all. (i saw iphones taking pictures, sending directions, video cameras recording for youtube, everything you could want.

The best part, in this digital age, the sound quality was aweful, the entire show, of course the mic check took roughly 20 mins, and it still sounded like shit.

The crowd was mixed in age, but mostly the people my age, mid 20’s and up stayed to the back by the bar, to view, fuck that shit if i ever become that guy, what the hell is the point in going to a show? might as well watch it on youtube.

the kids in the pit tried to revive the skank, and the moshing crowd surfing was common, but the rules of the game had changed. first, since there was no room, anytime a few egar old school kids tried to start a skank pit, for an obviously slow song skank worthy, the new school kids with their spray on pants, and $500 fashions jumped in thinking it was mosh time. the dance has changed. the etiquite has changed, the set has been reduced to roughly 45 mins for the headlining band, 4 bands were pushed at us between 6pm and 10 pm, and hour a band to include setup tear down, and soundchecks, this gave us 20 mins for the first 2 bands, 30 mins for the 3rd band which sucked ass, and 45 mins for the last band, and lots of closed curtain time.

the place was packed, too packed, and thankfully the air conditioning was turned on the last 2 songs of the headlining band. the encore was air conditioned. the venue couldnt keep the overcrowed show cooled, and its a wonder more people didint die of heat stroke.

we were shuffled in one 2 door enterence which was also the only exit, like a heard of cattle, we each paid roughly 15-20$ per ticket depending if we got them at the venue or online, (with extra fees for convenience) and i realized, this is the future of concerts.

we are producing shows for money. Shows are no longer about the bands. bandseven though they are the main attraction, they are shoved aside. Turns out, there was a show starting at 10pm, a different show the same venue, so we were quickly shuffled out the exit after the show was cut short, so they could clean up for another onslought of adoring paychecks.

this isnt how it always was.

and the worst part is, fairly few people in the crowd noticed any of this. they drove on.

I saw one kid get up on stage to sing with the band, a common occurance encouraged in the mid 80s, but he was quickly pushed off stage by security, and the band didnt do anything, didnt even appologise, actually called him out for the guards.

sooo many things i could go on and on about i saw at this show, but its just going to bring me down.

it just sucks that bands i love, and grew up on, the scene that i developed from, is pathetically ending, and the new generation hasnt developed nor improved upon it in any fashion. it became a buisness, and i suppose we did it to ourselves.

we ignore until its to late.

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