curse words just are fun anymore…

Thanks Eminem for giving us catchy blatant language mockery, the language we use to only hear in anger. We now lip sync in front of a post modern youtube video screen. Wal-mart the list triumphant guardian against trashy sailor language, is the reason many people curse under their breath across this beautiful country. Swearing has become a joke, we have become so calloused that we try to outdue each other with more lenghty more disgusting combinations of potty humor, and it only slightly amuses the recipent. What do we say these days when we stub our toe on the coffee table? What do we shout at people who cut us off in traffic? What should we say in protest, a president given right to our decaying community, when we have been wronged? this is a disgrace. Language has dumbed and numbed itself down to the point where nauseating language slips out of the mouth like butter, and nobody gets offended anymore. This is the new generation. Hipsters patrol the land with sarcastic cynicism which spills out of their encrusted minds with perfect precision, and yet, nobody skips a beat. nothing feels real, nothing can penetrate our shelter in which we are waiting out life to die. Again, thank you Eminem for giving us salvation from the last hoorah we were fighting.

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