Working retail is playing god under artificial lights

I love working retail,
no sick days, (unless you can call in some other sap to work your slave shift, which is just about as impossible as it would be if it really were a slave shift)
no respect for those who ARE sick,
job security in the form of the passive aggressive threat of the 3ft high stack of filled out applications for your position by the multitudes of other starving countrymen (and women) looking to do your job for less in order to make any money at all. (which is more than they would be making)
Never ending mindless drivel, and manual labor.
constant waves of buisness, which wear on the mind like the sand on the beach.

40,000sq ft, or 400,000 square feet seems endless to every warm body that strolls inside “your store” but to you is a never big enough cage that haunts your dreams at night, and the ringer on your phone when someone tries to call in sick.

I love it though. I get to play god under florescent lighting. I create the changing seasons, of course this action begins 2 months in advance and ends 2 weeks before the actual start and finish of the seasons, but we have to beat god, otherwise we are being led by him, and we cant have god involved in retail. Heaven forbid! (no pun intended)

I am accused of shoplifting for “damaging out” equipment i need to do my job, which is not provided by the management, (sharpies, tape, staples, etc) and can ultimately be fired for it. Yet the management “damages out” and completely destroys sometimes by compacting, thousands upon thousands of products each month because “we would rather destroy these things, than sell them at a discount after the season has changed.” and “people would wait for the discounted price, and stop purchasing the product at bloated retail prices, so we are doing our part to prevent miserly behavior.”
But the people who would wait for the discounts (the smarter ones) would wait anyway, or just go and dumpster dive these things, or worse shoplift them anyway.
Most people can afford, and are happy to pay full price, theres some psychological effect happening in the brains of most people that says “discounted items, MUST be defective, or blemished in some way, and therefore i prefer to pay full price.”

But what people do not realize is, the companies only pay maybe 15% of what YOU pay in these stores. This is why a 75% sale STILL does not hurt them. They are still breaking even. And when people purchase these things for more than the 15% the store paid for them, the customers are now paying things like employee pay, store maintenence, damage and theft, and other misc. things.

Retail work IS playing god, and even better in my opinion, as we control the weather, the seasons, the maximum capacity, the sanitation, both the necessities and the luxuries, and in some cases the soundtrack to the consumers life. And everything comes with a fake smile, and a make believe feeling that we actually care about you, and your shopping pleasure.

All we ask you to bring is your wallet.

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