I gave you my all, what more do you want?

Sure things didnt work out, theres a reason for that. I didnt like being watched when I came over, feeling like i was always on stage, being referred to in the third person, addressed as if you were telling your imaginary friends about my while i was standing right in front of you. Sorry, but thats rather awkward. I thought it was funny at first, then I realized you were just being entertained by me. its funny though, now you want your entertainment back. Tupraware, movies, anything else you left here, ill give it all back, i have no problems giving you anything, i gave you everything, but i guess these things i forgot, but none the less, ill give them back, 

the only thing you cant have back, due to the fact i dont know how to give it back to you, is the last few months we had together. I learned a lot from you, about myself, and how to open up to people, even just working retail. And its doing me some good. 

I tried to love you, even felt it a few times, i did my best, i came back for you several times, but eventually i realized. 

Im sorry if i couldnt take being your diva anymore, im over it. I got out of theater because i hated repeating myself. I hated being the nights entertainment, and going home alone afterwords. 

All in all, i dont regret, whatever, chalk it up i suppose, yet another notch on my empty wall, my  shallow existance right? call me whatever you like, just dont call me again.

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