Alien fetus

Ive been thinking a lot lately about having kids. Im getting older, and although i dont have a steady job, i can provide enough. The problem is not having kids, its finding someone I want to share them with. I use to be a big flirt, i suppose i still am, running aorund doing my thang or whatever, but im looking to settle down, i want to go back to camp this summer, but of course a different one, thanks to mine going under, i love kids, they are too much fun,im still a kid at heart, but my body is starting to get older, and i cant run and play like i want to, i dont want to wait too long and not be able to chase my kids around the yard, catching snakes, jumping on trampolenes, taking swimming lessons, skateboarding, you know, 

i suppose i should have taken several different paths in my life so i would have had them already, but honestly its the path i chose that got me here, so at any rate, ill find what im looking for soon enough,

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