You don’t learn much from gluttony

Rich kids are the prime example of this. When times are fat, and life is good, one stagnates intilectually. Why would there be violence, fasting, and famine? In a round about way, to enhance the human race, in an obscure form of evolution devestation creates new life depth and perception. Grahm Green said it best “and even in destruction there is creation…” 

People justify evil in the afterlife through modern religion. What they fail to realize is that evil is nessicary to challenge good so that good may become better than it used to be. I dont believe in a global rapture so to speak, only a personal rapture for each individual soul as it leaves its flesh blood and bone for some higher contiusness.

Anyway, im getting off track. Gluttony produces nothing but lazyness. I have fallen pray to such things. I believe i have learned my peak form life on the street (at least within the luxuary of a car) and i am getting lazy. I need some motivation. I need the Berkley Library to clasp me in its beautiful stone hands, and keep me till I read all there is inside, and then kick me out to walk the streets of central California as a post modern hippie, absorbing all the knoladge there is in the vibrant streets filled with beggars, gutter punks, and a dying breed of the 60’s selling tattered with love books waiting like new born puppies behind glass windows wagging their tails waiting for someone new to love them as thhey once were loved by their mothers. 

I need to cast myself away on a ship, with a pile of books, with no internet access, so that i may be forced to read real pages, rather than my updated status list on facebook. 

I need Ani DeFranco, and my friend Ellen in the same room as me to witness starstruck between a pupil and a master, and realize both can learn form each other. 

I need to stop filling my life with senseless romance, and walk the line of self preservation. 

I need to finnish Abbie Hoffmans’ biography. I suppose ill go get started on that.

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