How can you starve in today’s America?

It seems impossible, yet people are dying of starvation, dehydration, and sheer exhaustion. It boggles my mind. America as it stands today is by far no third world drought wrecked crop failed dictatorship. There is food and fresh water flourishing up from the deepest ghettos of the darkest corners of the most unsanitary neighborhoods in this country. And those places are still better off than half the world because for a mere *gasp* $4 a gallon, or an average of 20mpg, at such a price, thats roughly $1 every 5 miles for a personal vehicle, which is rapidly becoming the least best way to travel. However catch a rideshare and your cost is sliced in half. Take the bus, and its sliced as well. Ride a bike, walk, pogo stick, the possibilities are endless. 

How you get to your food water and air conditioned sources is not important, as they are everywhere. 

Food can be found all over the place. 

Water the same, 

and air conditioning / heat (depending) any public building, libraries, schools, banks, grocery stores, department stores, anywhere, the sky is the limit. 

So again, im not sure why people are starving, dehydrating, and being rushed to hospitals wasting time and energy when there is fruit to be picked all over the place which can cure them for free.

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