It gets lonely on the road

So its been close to a week, and im starting to feel the punch all great adventurers and wanderers feel while on the road. It gets lonely when you have nothing to do, and no place to go. Not having a job is great true, its nice not havinng responsibilities, but along with that, you have fewer and fewer places to interact with humans. Sure you can go to the store and chat it up with the cashier, or a bar, or someplace like that, but when you have no money, its hard to last more than a few mins in a place like that, without being tossed out. Sure ive got the internet, but its filled with lonely people as well. What do we do? This is a battle we fight, to have to work for our interactions? What kind of fucked up shit is that? We must slave to interact. No. This i will defy, this i will overcome, and soon enough i will figure out a way to interact with people for free. <br><br>Dear soul, i have not given up on you yet.

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