Dragonflies are good luck

aug 17th, 2007,

When they land on you according to old indian proverbs. Today one fluttered on down to a hault on my index finger. Wouldnt you know it i was in the middle of a conversation with a shop owner whom i had been ripping off free wireless internet from for the past two hours so i could work out some travel kinks. and the owner (an old korean man) instead of tossing me off his porch, brought me out a complimentary free large hot jasmine green tea. (exquisite might i add) What have i done to deserve this generosity?<br><br>Camp is over, and im moving onward to nyc stopping through a few main cities on route bringing along a friend from camp, we shall see what lies ahead. I hope clear channel doesnt take this blog and confiscate it for whatever reasons, maybe i should stop wrioting online and start writing in my journal my friend from cali made for me. <br><br>enjoy the rest of your day. I know i will.

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One thought on “Dragonflies are good luck

  1. Helen Smith

    Stop ripping off the wireless — the kindness of the shop owner deserves that much! You seem to have good karma. Don’t ruin it by doing things that don’t feel right to you. šŸ™‚

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