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Possible band names

So a lot of times friends of mine say something stupid that blows my mind, and i think these phrases should be turned into band names.

Since im not musically inclined, tried my luck as a singer and got booed off stage,

feel free to use these if youre looking for a band name

Botched Abortion (stolen from an article in the news paper about a woman who sued her abortion clinic cause when she went she managed to still have the baby.)

Bloody Nipples (ed ed ed, you fascinate me. I think he heard about bloody nipples from a guy he knew who got his nipple rings ripped off in a mosh pit and they squirted everywhere feel free to add the suit part to the end of the band name if you like)

Bloody Bowl Movements (read in a medical book as one of the symptoms of chron’s disease.)

Kidney Stones (like rolling stones but more cripiling, i had to pee one out at a truck stop in wisconsin, and it was no joke, very metal)

Breast wine ( like “thats da breast damn wine ive ever tasted!” but not in this case, no no yet again ed, you figured out somehting no man should, breast milk gone bad, gets babies drunk. Whode of thunk it?)

Flight risk (you know like those people who claim to do something stupid on an ai ro pla ne? Thanks greg)

Purple 5’s ( as in those new 5 dollar bills with the stupid monopoly looking shit on the back?)

I pooped outside of my diper (maybe a song name, but adams cousin whos 16 months, and managed to poop so much he overfilled his diper.)

more to come….

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I missed out on you

I missed out on never ending play on jones beach, feeding deer, and tackling each other in the sand.

I missed out on midnight train rides to and from NYC, on the Long Island Expressway.

Vaginaface, penguin butt, monkey face,

you were mine for a short while, and i missed out.

I couldnt keep things together, when you loved me, and now you dont even acknoladge my existance.

I lost you among the world, and in the numerous times i have tried my best to find you again, i have always failed.

I live among the walking dead.

Without you, i am singular.

You made that summer my very best.

They say you never forget your first, i guess they are right.

Since i left you, ive been many places, with many people, in many different frames of mind, and i always find myself back with you.

Except, im not.

Im here and you are someplace else.

I miss you.

I love you.

I missed out on you, and i lived to regret it.

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im a genius!

Ive determined that i am a genius. For this mindset, i have been punished. I have been locked away. Unable to cope with social situations. I dispise bullshit. I only want facts. I need more information. I feed on it. I think so far outside the box, im not even welcomed in it anymore. I dont know how to interact with anyone else. I spend my time with myself, and sometimes i wish i was just normal. Humans are social creatures, they are not ment to be genius. They are ment to eat, shit, love, and make babies. But who the fuck wants to hang out with a genius? Possibly other geniuses, but i think they have the same problem. Besides. A genius is a genius because they are self involved. They alot the time and space to think. They dont incorporate drama into their everyday lives through bullshit social interactions. they dont have time for that. And in turn this actually pushes them away from other human interaction.

But i am through with being a genius. I just want to be around people again. I want to relearn how to have fun with others, rather than just by myself. I dont want to entertain, i want real friends. How do i rewire my brain? How do i dumb my senses, and just be again?

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