Its as true as the day richard hell proclaimed it…

“I belong to the blank generation, and i can take it or leave it each time.”

– Richard Hell

I dont hate my generation, I just dont participate in it. I am not a fan of Family Guy, I will never own an Iphone, I broke all three of my ipods, cause they are not as durable as tape players, I skateboard, but i cant do any fancy tricks. I eat dumpster dived food, I like sleeping in my car in as many different places as I possibly can. I avoid malls, I am still wearing the clothes i found comfortable in 10th grade, and for some reason i still fit in them. I am not up to date with the onion, or youtube culture, i dont even know how to use facebook, and i like it that way.

I wish i grew up in the 60’s because books and debates were more popular than t.v. and dance clubs, but i wouldnt have used the drugs, but without the drugs i think the 60’s yippie culture wouldnt have existed.

My generation has all the worlds knowledge at its fingertips on wikipedia,yet instead of absorbing the universe, we dumb ourselves down by abbreviating our glorious language into less than sentences over dead electronic space.

We have become impatient, where once a message took weeks even months to get from one lover to the next, now it takes a split second if even that long, and this impatience has led once Shakespearean worthy love to become bourbon st lust which quickly dilutes with the vomit and piss and bleach into the gutters of a new just as meaningless relationship.

I dont watch t.v. when its on, im fascinated by what has become calloused shock value. Curse words have lost their emphasizing value, news gore has tossed b-rate horror out the window, and sex scandals have become mainstream practice thereby rather than affecting, they teach people what is acceptable in a relationship.

people cant even drive to the grocery store without advertisements, at one time only on billboards, now at the $3.50 a gal gas pumps, on their shopping carts, dangling from airplanes at the beach, on dvds, water bottles, and now in their backseats  to help entertain ever impatient offspring.

Even presidential candidates are using guerrilla tactics to boost their campaign. Getting up has become Ron Pauls perogatory. And its getting him noticed in the underground scene. And people dont even realize whats happening

What am i going to buy with my tax return? Probably gas. Although it wont be enough to get me away from the mess engulfing me.

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2 thoughts on “Its as true as the day richard hell proclaimed it…

  1. Renee



  2. oh yeah, i dont see the fascination with pirates, and ninjas either.

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