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Farmers should be paid more than Artists

art is a byproduct of having everything else you need in excess.

Im not saying art is not needed, it comes out when there is nothing left for the body to consume, when the body is happy the mind can play too.

I just think we take those people who keep our bodies happy for granted, and those people who create art for us (because we have been told they are better than us, think about it, “im an artist” how fucking elitist is that? we are all artists. Even if all we can draw is a stick figure, or all we can do is hum. That is still creating art, and it still does the job of entertaining the mind and soul.) are treated with some bullshit high horse.

Dont ever think you can not create art. So you may not be able to paint the mona lisa (personally i dont get anything out of the mona lisa, i prefer making a movie for myself, than looking at someone elses intsy weeny painting behind 6 ft of bullet proof glass) dont let society tell you anything other than you can do anything you put your mind to.

So what if i think taking a picture is a simple art form. It is. Its capturing an image. If it makes you happy, then its just as good as any art on the planet. Dont get mad at my fucking opinion, how stupid is that? its my opinion, not yours, and you most likely will only waste your air trying to convince me otherwise.

morally no man is an island eh? BULLSHIT. If no man were an island we wouldnt be able to do anything. We would be mechanic. We wouldnt have free will. (not just a christian belief) ((Perhaps if it were your way, the world would be a better place, because all people would co-operate, and be friends all the time, but what the hell is the point in that? since you learn the value of good by contrasting it with bad) We could get into all sorts of topics from this, like comparing morals, and figuring out world cultures definition of what are considered ethical commandments…”i.e. thou shall not kill” etc. etc. And you will find all over the cultural divide, people translate and recreate those commandments differently. Some tribes even *gasp* KILL ([url=]Cannibals!!![/url]). In certain situations it may be acceptable to commit murder also. Self defense, to rid society of other murderers, war for christs sakes. And even according to the year in which you search you will find people believed certain things were moral then as opposed to now, and vice versa. Where am i going with all this? I am saying… People create morals to help further the species. Morals are nothing more than rules to follow. Think about it. If people were freely allowed to kill each other, wouldnt the species die off? (I wont answer that one) The point is, if people create morals, why cant people change morals according to what fits them individually the best?

If i am starving, and you have a million apples, why shouldnt i steal one from you? Will you really miss it? Actually, why isnt you having a million apples, (which you will never be able to consume yourself) stealing from me the hungry? Its all perspective, EVERYTHING can be justified. Both sides of the argument. As some will say, “You know, if the man with a million apples worked to grow them himself, he has the right to do as he wishes with them. If that means give them to you, or not, thats his choice.” And thats their opinion. And we can waste air all day long back and forth trying to convince each other of our beliefs.

Karma is a rule set out like everything else. Coincidentally, it seems to have been given magical powers, (but i think we make it that way) and happens not on demand, but on point. Although in my experiance, Karma is not a 100%. Its affects range from “holy shit that bit me in the ass!” to “eh, whatever”. and everything in between.

Some cultures (asian and the like) which heavily believe in karma, have again justified this inconsistancy in karma, by encouraging the belief in reincarnation, and the idea of karma comming back around in your next life. (but what sense does that make? As you are veiled according to most reincarnation beliving religions any time you are given a new physical body, and therefore would not remember what you did to deserve your bad karma in your next life. Whats the fucking point in that?)

In the end, the only thing that matters is learning the difference between good and evil. If there isnt evil in the world, how can there be good? Light doesnt exist without the existence of darkness. Water without earth, etc. etc. (so if i steal from you, and you justify me as evil. I have just taught you a lesson in the battle of good vs evil. By stealing from you, i survive to learn the same. Its a cyclic battle that happens in order for things to continue running smoothly. What you really need to ask yourself is this, whats most important? Morals, or survival? This is a wild planet. And things WILL NEVER GO AS PLANNED. So take matters into your own hands, and live your life according to what suits you best. Create your own set of morals if you like, if it makes life easier for you. Follow others morals, if you think you are to busy to think about your own set. Do whats right for you, and try not to judge people form a one sided perspective. Open your mind to other possibilities.

I used to think stealing was evil. Then i justified people stealing from me in a different matter. (whether it was true or not) I would tell myself if someone stole something from me, especially something i wasnt using at the moment, i just figured they thought they could use it better or more than i was going to, and it didnt bother me anymore. Its survival. Take what you need, but dont get greedy. Only take what you need. And you will live a long happy life. (at least thats what i believe, your ideology might vary)

This topic is about stealing, and since i consider anyone to be able to recreate any piece of art, at any time, i dont see the point in selling art, especially not for the exuberant price tag some of it gets. And my new point is…(ARTISTS SHOULD NEVER GET PAID MORE THAN THOSE PEOPLE WHO KEEP US ALIVE TO ENJOY THE ART!!!)

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Its as true as the day richard hell proclaimed it…

“I belong to the blank generation, and i can take it or leave it each time.”

– Richard Hell

I dont hate my generation, I just dont participate in it. I am not a fan of Family Guy, I will never own an Iphone, I broke all three of my ipods, cause they are not as durable as tape players, I skateboard, but i cant do any fancy tricks. I eat dumpster dived food, I like sleeping in my car in as many different places as I possibly can. I avoid malls, I am still wearing the clothes i found comfortable in 10th grade, and for some reason i still fit in them. I am not up to date with the onion, or youtube culture, i dont even know how to use facebook, and i like it that way.

I wish i grew up in the 60’s because books and debates were more popular than t.v. and dance clubs, but i wouldnt have used the drugs, but without the drugs i think the 60’s yippie culture wouldnt have existed.

My generation has all the worlds knowledge at its fingertips on wikipedia,yet instead of absorbing the universe, we dumb ourselves down by abbreviating our glorious language into less than sentences over dead electronic space.

We have become impatient, where once a message took weeks even months to get from one lover to the next, now it takes a split second if even that long, and this impatience has led once Shakespearean worthy love to become bourbon st lust which quickly dilutes with the vomit and piss and bleach into the gutters of a new just as meaningless relationship.

I dont watch t.v. when its on, im fascinated by what has become calloused shock value. Curse words have lost their emphasizing value, news gore has tossed b-rate horror out the window, and sex scandals have become mainstream practice thereby rather than affecting, they teach people what is acceptable in a relationship.

people cant even drive to the grocery store without advertisements, at one time only on billboards, now at the $3.50 a gal gas pumps, on their shopping carts, dangling from airplanes at the beach, on dvds, water bottles, and now in their backseatsĀ  to help entertain ever impatient offspring.

Even presidential candidates are using guerrilla tactics to boost their campaign. Getting up has become Ron Pauls perogatory. And its getting him noticed in the underground scene. And people dont even realize whats happening

What am i going to buy with my tax return? Probably gas. Although it wont be enough to get me away from the mess engulfing me.

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