Im gonna fake my own death….

Since i was very young I have had dreams of dying in horrendus accidents. I just finished a book called “many lives, many masters” where a psychologist is receiving messages from a 6th dimension, through a patient who is reliving past lives through hypnosis. The book in a nutshell proclaimes death as merely playing a part in the cycle of continuous reincarnation where as the spirit goes through a learning process and depending upon karma and personal choice after death chooses perticular situations to be reincarnated back into. For example, you could potentially be sent to live in an abusive relationship be it a lover or guardian, and have to learn forgiveness, and eternal love.

Where this falls into place with my point, is this. When I was little, actually up until i joined the army, I would have dreams of being hit by a bus, being a combat medic, and being mauled by a bear in the woods.  They didnt seem like dreams, they seemed like real life.

In the book it talks about previous lives being remembered in new lives in the form of dreams, and mortal wounds being reborn  on the flesh in the form of birthmarks. Ive got several birthmarks in places that I could have potentially died, one on my neck, one on my ribcage,

I joined the Army in part because of my dreams of being a combat medic, when i would get depressed I thought alot about jumping in front of a bus, and I have always wanted to take on a bear in the woods, and see who the winner was,  maybe one of these days I will.

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2 thoughts on “Im gonna fake my own death….

  1. Well now, I ain’t gonna say how much I have in common with the sentiments of this post.

    But it made me suddenly realize that though I too dream a lot too much, and I was a bear hunting guide in Maine, I have never ever had a dream with any bears in them.

    By the way. No human could go up against any bear bigger than about a 5 pounder and win. At’s no shit. They are fucking amazingly strong.

  2. chloe

    i just read this book i couldnt put it down, and loved every page of it

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