Today I learned not to fuck with illegals…

So it has been told that illegals are helpless, peons unable to fend for themselves in the big bad united states, full of opportunities and capitalisim. Today I learned about a group of illegals recruited to do a week long job  an hour away from where they were picked up. At the end of the week when the job was done they called the guy who picked them up, and asked him when they were going to collect the 600 the guy owed them for doing the work nobody else would have done for that cheep, that well. The guy told them to go shove it, and they decided instead of calling the cops and possibly getting deported they were going to take matters into their own hands, and buy 20 bucks worth of gasoline and douse the guys house with it, then set it ablaze.

When the guy returned home to the charred remains of  his beautiful victorian home, he immediately called his insurance company, who told him after a simple investigation the house was set ablaze by arson, and since it was deliberate they would not give him any money for his home. They suggested he call the cops. So he did.

The cops asked him what the problem was, obviously that his house had been burned down by a band of illegal immigrants he had working for him.  The cops asked for any paperwork or social security numbers of the guys, and the man could not find anything since they werent even citizens. So the cops asked him for a discription of the arsons. “Well they were about medium sized men, dark skin, illegal, thick 60’s porn stashes, and dark mullets.” To which the cop responded “can you tell us anything else? we have a million illegals in this city that fit the discription you just gave us.” Of course the man couldnt. and justice was served.

Moral of the story, never underestimate the small guy, and never ever ever assume you can get away with injustice. Karma’s a bitch.

One last thing, its interesting to note how the sheer stereotype of any other ethniticity is they all look the same, i.e. all black people look the same, all mexicans look the same, heres an example of those people knowing they are stereotyped in this way, and using it to their advantage.

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