zen is not a word, well of course its a word silly, but more so a state of mind. Utopia, nirvana, bliss, ecstasy, all words that try to define something people rarely reach, or if they do, ignore it. I could be wrong, im after all merely a pessimisticly flawed human being, compiled of h2o and various other unstable chemical compounds, but in this day and age it seems people are more than ever stearing away from life outdoors, au natural if you please and in a strange sense, bringing zen in a neat little fold out yoga mat wherever they find themselves for 20 mins. People need zen. People need a lot of things, food, shelter, climate controlled studio apartments with high end track lighting, and zen. I find zen to be a stealthy yet malignante state of being which can be aroused instantaniously with a few handstands, or the lowering of ones eyelids. If i could bottle zen, ide be a capitalist, but noone would appriciate it like i did. if you want some zen, its always around for the taking , in the middle of something important? great time for some zen. get back to your own life. quit pleasing everyone else and just zen.

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