What is it about waiting that stirs such agony, anxiety, anticipation? Why do we wait? What do we wait for? Bills? Checks? Amusement park rides? a loved one? a loved one to die? News of a loved one? Food? Shelter? Drinks? Jesus? The rapture? Are any of these valid reasons to put our current life on hold? Right now im waiting for Flogging Molly to play a set, so i can finish up here, and move back to my love who is in turn waiting for me, and indirectly Flogging Molly to play a set with me so i can return to her again. Why? What is it about these above things that drives us to wait for them? What would life be like if we didnt have to wait? If everything was instant. Instant coffee, instant joy instant pain, instant orgasms, would we really appriciate these things in the same way? As much as it torments me to wait, i do it anyway. Im not so much a fan of the end result, more so a fan of the waiting, the hype, the build up, the end result is more or less just relief.
What were you waiting for? Something more profound? Haha made you wait.

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