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some thoughts on religion and the meaning of life

voodoo works to heal mental ailments in part because its so abstract one gets sucked into the intensity of the moment and psyccly lapses themselves from whatever mental ailment they had previously been captivated by. this is a religion for the outcasts of society, as all humans need a religion, those who do not feel accepted by the social norm tend to migrate twards such outlandish religions as paganisim and voodoo.

christianity on the other hand is more for the mainstream go with the flow type people, who know murder is wrong, and robbing is a bad idea, maybe not why, but just that it is, and they need a structured yet refined and mundane religon with no whistles and bells, but alows for sin, and the repentance of such.

zen and budisim are religions of ones own mind, and tend to become the religionn of choice for intilectuals. not to be confused with college rebelious intelectuals who find belief in no god is a religion. there has to be some form of a higher power inorder for things to continue to rectcle replenish and renew. having no god is chaos and even in destruction there is creation therefore chaos is simply a predestined reaction brought about by hard to determine cause and effects, theĀ  human brain has yet to understand, and like the mormons say, if there is some controlling higher power we are not allowed to figure out, as it takes away the meaning of life, which is to learn pain and suffering, in order to understand and cherrish love and joy.

my theory is that god and the devil per say are actually one in the same. The being that is god is actually the only being ever to actually intertwine good and evil intraveiniously, and somehow which i havent figured out yet, has formed a contiousness , and wants each and every one of us to be like him/her/it and do our best to learn good and evil are both nessicary in order for there to be continuous rebirth, reincarnation, and the continuation of life in any sense, through evolution or not, as long as we understand good and evil are supposed to coexist. that is infact the meaning of life, to realize good and bad are supposed to merge as one, and from good comes evil, from evil comes good, this is the way of life, and the very basic level of life. this is the only way life can exist, by exchanging one for the other in a violent continuous motion.

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zen is not a word, well of course its a word silly, but more so a state of mind. Utopia, nirvana, bliss, ecstasy, all words that try to define something people rarely reach, or if they do, ignore it. I could be wrong, im after all merely a pessimisticly flawed human being, compiled of h2o and various other unstable chemical compounds, but in this day and age it seems people are more than ever stearing away from life outdoors, au natural if you please and in a strange sense, bringing zen in a neat little fold out yoga mat wherever they find themselves for 20 mins. People need zen. People need a lot of things, food, shelter, climate controlled studio apartments with high end track lighting, and zen. I find zen to be a stealthy yet malignante state of being which can be aroused instantaniously with a few handstands, or the lowering of ones eyelids. If i could bottle zen, ide be a capitalist, but noone would appriciate it like i did. if you want some zen, its always around for the taking , in the middle of something important? great time for some zen. get back to your own life. quit pleasing everyone else and just zen.

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What is it about waiting that stirs such agony, anxiety, anticipation? Why do we wait? What do we wait for? Bills? Checks? Amusement park rides? a loved one? a loved one to die? News of a loved one? Food? Shelter? Drinks? Jesus? The rapture? Are any of these valid reasons to put our current life on hold? Right now im waiting for Flogging Molly to play a set, so i can finish up here, and move back to my love who is in turn waiting for me, and indirectly Flogging Molly to play a set with me so i can return to her again. Why? What is it about these above things that drives us to wait for them? What would life be like if we didnt have to wait? If everything was instant. Instant coffee, instant joy instant pain, instant orgasms, would we really appriciate these things in the same way? As much as it torments me to wait, i do it anyway. Im not so much a fan of the end result, more so a fan of the waiting, the hype, the build up, the end result is more or less just relief.
What were you waiting for? Something more profound? Haha made you wait.

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