Somethings fishy at whole foods

Saw a fish oven mit at whole foods today, and wondered what he thinks about. All by himself. Only reason for creation is to protect the hands which are mercilessly shoved up his rear end to force him to clamp his little fishy mouth down on hot plates from the oven.

I wondered what my life as a fishy oven mit would be like had i been reincarnated as one myself. I wondered if this mit was a reincarnated person. Maybe he was famous, James Dean, John F Kenedy, James Brown, I wondered what someone had to do to deserve a reincarated life as a fihsy oven mit at whole foods, what kind of bad karma did he produce? Some things are worse than jail, some things are worse than death. Being reincarnated as a fishy oven mit at whole foods is about the bottom of the list ive come across so far. Then again, im sure there is something far worse, i just havent crossed its path yet.

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One thought on “Somethings fishy at whole foods

  1. Melissa

    I’m not so sure.. that fishy mit looks pretty happy. Look. I think he’s playing peek – a – boo with me. And what reincarnated fishy mit plays peek – a – boo? That’s right. Only the happy ones. 😉

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