Today i learned about corruption

Today I learned about corruption.

Today i learned about how contractors recruited illegal immigrants from mexico after hurricane katrina hit new orleans looking to rebuild homes for close to nothing at near 100% profits.

Today i learned about how the contractors made immigrants sign contracts but neglected to pay their travel fees.

Today i learned about how when they got here in new mexico there were hardly any jobs for them. Then when there were day labor jobs, the contractors would work the immigrants all day long, and not give them a check at the end of the day. Knowing good and well the immigrants were to scared to take the contractors to court for fear they would be deported.


Today i fed several immigrants free food and water i dived from grocery stores who tossed it because the packaging was damaged.

Today I met a lot of humble smiling faces. Who were looking for honest work for honest pay to feed honest families. Today i wish i was a millionaire. So i could lift these hard working people out of their holes and show them how to help themselves.

Today I started.

Have you?

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One thought on “Today i learned about corruption

  1. Melissa

    Sounds like The Jungle, which I finally finished, by the way. Except more sad because nothing has changed. It’s just not in the open.

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