Whole foods leaves me empty

Is whole foods just another half assed attempt to change the world gone awry? Do  they promote better healthy living through  selling self magazine, and only hiring organic looking people with dreads, or gagued earrings? Do they really encourage saving the planet by charging a fortune to sell products that should be selling like hot cakes around the world anyway? We know we dont need pesticides, we know we dont need growth hormones, we know we dont need anything extra genetically altered in the foods and products we consume, but why have we flocked to whole foods to save us with its marketing schemes and monopolies squashing the local markets we used to venture out to in and produced by our own neigborhoods? Why are we not going after the conventional food industry to change its ways, and convert its mechanical food industry into all organic, and instead of only having whole foods or trader joes to purchase worthy foods from we could have a whole society based off of these better living ideas?America is lazy. Intelectuals are lazy. The 60’s are over 50 years out the window, and people just dont care to go out of their way liek they used to. Whole foods started out as a good idea, but has turned out to produce a generation of consumer contious empty pocketed self rightous democrats who fight from the comforts of their hemp covered couches while they watch rachel ray, and dream of another chai latte.

I do have to say, they are good for dumping a plate full of samples on me every time i go in one, i can get a free meal by taking a handfull of samples at each station, and walking out well fed. I say in silent protest we all eat up their samples, and nothing else.

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2 thoughts on “Whole foods leaves me empty

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  2. Melissa

    We know that we don’t need pesticides and preservatives and growth hormones and genetically engineered foods, but lots of people don’t. They don’t even know that stuff is in their food or what it is. Or they don’t care. There’s still a market for all that stuff so it will continue to be sold. I do see organic products coming out more, but you’re right, people are lazy. How many people actually cook themselves dinner or breakfast or lunch? How many people look at what they’re feeding themselves? It takes a lot more time and effort and it can take more money, too. I don’t know how many people care enough to make that effort. Maybe if they understood what these things were doing to their bodies they would. But look at how many people smoke or are alcoholics or drug addicts. They know these things are not good for them and even may be killing them but they don’t necessarily stop for that reason. I want to have my own garden so I know what I’m eating. It really does take more time to look at what you’re buying, see if it’s local, and if not, buy only local and get more creative with your meals to substitute with what you have. Around here it’s really helpful because there are tons of organic, local farmers markets and the grocery stores promote carrying local produce. But I’m in the midwest. It wasn’t as easy (not impossible, just harder) to find that in Maryland. There is a market for it, though. I think it will just take time for more and more people to become informed, to find out what it means when they pick up an avocado in their local supermarket that was grown in South Africa. It had to be shipped all the way here. It had to be preserved. That’s no good. Just an example. I’ll stop now because I could continue on this topic forever.

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