Death toll

Ive seen a lot of dead people so far in my life, so i decided to keep a toll.

One the other day, a mid 30’s white woman rammed her jeep into the back of a semi-truck’s trailer bed, her entire front end of the jeep was pushed through her abdomen, the cops hhadnt arrived yet, she was slouched and had a dead mans stare looking out the window at the pavement, some citizens were there directing traffic. Broad day light.

one old lady my mom was blowdrying her hair in a blow dryer chair, and my mom told me to sit on her lap, i did, and she didnt flinch, turns out she died under the blow dryer.

saw a girl and a guy get in a fight late one night in a big drinking town, the girl jumped on the guys back and he pushed her through a glass store front display, glass shattered, and sliced her jugular, like a modern day beheading,

when i was little my mom wanted to visit her faimly in ohio from florida with my sister and i, and we put an ad in a craigslist type free paper, and got a response form a 90yr old woman with a tuna boat cadalac or somethitng, big tanker of a car, anyway halfway back from ohio she keels over and dies drinking a strawberry milkshake in arbys, i lost my appitite for arbys food when i saw the paramedics pumping her stomach thinking she was choking, and it ozzed out of her crinkled old mouth

stumbled upon a crowd in the drinking town and found a man on the sidewalk black young male mid 20s his head was cracked open and part of his brain was on the sidewalk, he was cunvulsing and im sure was goinng to die before he made it to the hospital,

driving in the mountains with my dad, and faimly late one night him and i were the only ones still awake in a dense fog, in the anderondecs or shenedoahs or something liek that, and we watched a pair of taillights in front of us swerve and fall off the side of the mountain,

my father died of cancer when i was 8 years old, had 16 golf ball sized tumors all over his body at one point, and kemo did nothing but deteriorate his health at a faster rate.

im sure my streak with death isnt over by any means, im only 21, so check back often for more.

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