Does wal-mart breed bad parents or do bad parents fuel wal-mart?

I see more and more bad parents and in direct correlation i see more and more wal-marts. be it statistically accurate or not, i begin to wonder if one is fueling the other. sure you can get everything you need at wal-mart for damn near nothing, but outside of halving to walk around the same aisles for two to three hours looking for one thing, and impulsively buying a bazillion others, therefore counterbalancing the money you could have saved by going someplace more quaint and homegrown, you dont get the soothing relief of catching the sites, such as the sunset of buildings that actually have some ethnic makeup to them as opposed to big green and blue square slapped with cheep stucco, and security cameras.

like a dog loves to excercise, both children and parents need excercise as well. You need to get out and live. Sure wal-mart is convenient and cheep, but it sucks you in and sucks your patience and wallet dry, with its aisles and aisles of bargans, and rows and rows of empty checkout lines where only one or two registers will be open and you have to wait for all the other screaming frustrated children and their parents to purchase all their useless shit to be hearded through the line.

Does this atmosphere breed bad parents and unresponsive children? Not directly. What it does provide is lots of frustration, and nowhere to release that tension. Like heat making people crabby, wal-mart makes people on edge.

There could also be a direct correlation between low income faimilies shopping at wal-mart to stretch their income a bit further, and already on edge consumers who live in delapitated faimily hom0es, who may have had children before they were prepared and became frustrated parents stressed to oblivion due to such grueling circumstances.

we live in an age where condoms are prevelent, but we all know they are in the way, we have abortion but the laws are strict, we have parents who shy away from the subject, and we have stores schools, and daycares, and tvs in the car popping up raise our children for us. So for that few hours we spend each day taking our children for walks down the aisles of wal-mart begging them not to put one more impulsive toy in the already bogged down broken cart, why shouldnt we hate the world for placing such burdens upon us? why shouldnt we take it out on our children we didnt want in the first place?

Seeing bad parents, abuse their children verbally in public is sadly entertaining. Like being amazed at the filth, and not able to look away, but feeling hopeless to correct the issues at hand as just a mere bystandard with no children of my own. What can i do about it?

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