New Orleans stare

Went to a womans home today to pick up some donations for a church I was working at, the watermarks on her home were over my car. Her house was in shambles.

Her body was shaky, her nerves were shot, she had a million repairs to perform on her home, on her life, she was in debt, she was being ripped off every which way she turned for help, she had nothing, but what she had, she wanted to give to people less fortunate than her.

Her eyes told me of her infinate despair, coupled with rays of hope and aspiration of the promised land. even though her body  pushing through her work, and her brain may have been on the forfront, helping her pluck away at her chores, her eyes couldnt hide what her soul was feeling. Ive never seen the human spirit like that before, broken, battered, but still pressing onward, ever hopeful, and thankful even to just still be alive. What a beautiful world we live in.

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