Live for the moment

Its a strange thing to grow old physically but not mentally. To gain wisdom but never act upon it. To live in the moment each day like it was your last, when everyone else around you is dead set on planning for the future, or making up for the past.

when you live for the moment, love is stronger, hate is more intense, depression flows like rain, and happyness is as abundant as air. Emotions are the brains way of communicating. We are animals. We are not supposed to dwel on things that happen. Or plan accordingly. Sure some animals such as ants bees and things, build for the future, prepare for the storm to come, but these are mundane creatures who never explore the possibilities of lust like the dolphin, or rage like the hippopotomus, these raw emotions not harvested only acted upon when triggered are more beautiful than any words can discribe.

why must then people hold back these feelings, repress something that occurs naturally inside each and every one of us. Why cant humans be more like children, and less like stiff worker bees. why does everyone around me think i need to see a shrink? Just because i live in the moment.

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One thought on “Live for the moment

  1. Melissa

    You know you don’t need to see a shrink. Everyone just has their own point of view and most people don’t seem to like thinking outside the box (aka society’s current standards for “normal”) so they don’t understand. That’s all.

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