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Reptiles are dangerous

I really want to catch a snake before I leave New Orleans. Like I used to do in my youth. Catch a big non-poisionous snake, and bring it in to show my mom, and she would nod and tell me to put it back outside. And then it would crap on me. Wet nasty white and black turds, probably cause it didnt like being picked up and manhandeled. I always put it back. Tried to anyway.

One day i was chasing this garter snake around a tree we had out front, and liek an idiot i grabbed it by the tail. It didnt like that one bit, and whipped right around and bit me on the nose. Latched on, and i was running around screaming bloody murder with this 4 ft snake latched on to my noggin. My mom had to pry its mouth open, and it fell to the ground and slithered off into the woods, having left my nose bloody and my pride bent. Got made fun of in school the next day for having a snake hickey on my face.

I hear theres a school down in south florida on a seminole indian reservation where you can get a degree in alligator wresteling. Ide liek to do that before I die. Its only like 3 grand or something.

Ide love to wrestle an alligator as well, but i dont have insurance. C’est la vie.

Im going to catch a snake and take a picture of it. Even if i have to spend a few days in the bayou. Damnit!

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Wish you were here…

As the sun sets…
on the beach of the gulf coast,
i cant help but think what it must be like to be anywhere else in the world but here.

Why havent we invented teleportation yet?
Why must I wade in this warm choppy surf without you beside me?

You love the beach as much as I do.
Youre always talking about it.

You tell me you cant live without a beach nearby.

I imagine chasing the seagulls
as you run after me smiling and soaking up the warm sun.

But you are not on this glorious beach with me,
you are 3000 miles away right now.

And i am sad.

Nothing follows.

But maybe a hopeful smile,
that we may be together again soon.

p.s. Made you tilt your head, like a confused puppydog

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Somethings fishy at whole foods

Saw a fish oven mit at whole foods today, and wondered what he thinks about. All by himself. Only reason for creation is to protect the hands which are mercilessly shoved up his rear end to force him to clamp his little fishy mouth down on hot plates from the oven.

I wondered what my life as a fishy oven mit would be like had i been reincarnated as one myself. I wondered if this mit was a reincarnated person. Maybe he was famous, James Dean, John F Kenedy, James Brown, I wondered what someone had to do to deserve a reincarated life as a fihsy oven mit at whole foods, what kind of bad karma did he produce? Some things are worse than jail, some things are worse than death. Being reincarnated as a fishy oven mit at whole foods is about the bottom of the list ive come across so far. Then again, im sure there is something far worse, i just havent crossed its path yet.

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If I win the lottery

Im giving all my money in bens to street artists.

Some of the best entertainment in the world is born and raised on the streets, it is sang, danced, stretched, flaunted, flamebroiled, handcuffed, and made horse day after day and well into the night, for spare change form elusive onlookers. And I want to help these noble entrepreneuers thrust themselves into the limelight (the ones who want to anyway) and honestly i think all of them do. Even if they say they dont. They wouldnt be in front of a crowd if they didnt. So be kind to street performers, you are after all intrigued by them, and entertained by them, lulled into a trance by them, and we all see you stomping your feet to their rythms. Ide love to become one, but i need to do some more stretching first. So ill just donate some spare change for now, till i win the lottery.

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Pustules cleanse

theres something beautiful about popping pimples. Something refreshing like Christians enjoy baptism, I enjoy squeezing the dirt oil and grime from my body, and the empty holes it leaves behind can gasp for air once again. There is a rebirth, when my pores can see the light. There is a self awareness, when I look deep into my skin to find even the pustules which try and escape banishment from the sickle and hammer that is my thumb and forefinger.

I feel clean. I feel pain, but a good pain, a pain of suffering to create a new life. Like a phoenix is born from fire, I too must torch the old worn out and beat up for a new.

Unfortunately in every battle lives are lost. My pores are no exception. I have battle scars from relentless evils which harbored my body for themselves and i refused to let them win. In the end, we both lost. Just as in all fighting. Ironically, without fighting we would never know what we had to begin with. A necessary evil perhaps, but like anything else it can get out of hand, it can consume. Once you stop learning from your mistakes, you never make mistakes again. Course, youre life wont last much longer either, but who cares? If you are always right.

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Today i learned about corruption

Today I learned about corruption.

Today i learned about how contractors recruited illegal immigrants from mexico after hurricane katrina hit new orleans looking to rebuild homes for close to nothing at near 100% profits.

Today i learned about how the contractors made immigrants sign contracts but neglected to pay their travel fees.

Today i learned about how when they got here in new mexico there were hardly any jobs for them. Then when there were day labor jobs, the contractors would work the immigrants all day long, and not give them a check at the end of the day. Knowing good and well the immigrants were to scared to take the contractors to court for fear they would be deported.


Today i fed several immigrants free food and water i dived from grocery stores who tossed it because the packaging was damaged.

Today I met a lot of humble smiling faces. Who were looking for honest work for honest pay to feed honest families. Today i wish i was a millionaire. So i could lift these hard working people out of their holes and show them how to help themselves.

Today I started.

Have you?

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Whole foods leaves me empty

Is whole foods just another half assed attempt to change the world gone awry? Do  they promote better healthy living through  selling self magazine, and only hiring organic looking people with dreads, or gagued earrings? Do they really encourage saving the planet by charging a fortune to sell products that should be selling like hot cakes around the world anyway? We know we dont need pesticides, we know we dont need growth hormones, we know we dont need anything extra genetically altered in the foods and products we consume, but why have we flocked to whole foods to save us with its marketing schemes and monopolies squashing the local markets we used to venture out to in and produced by our own neigborhoods? Why are we not going after the conventional food industry to change its ways, and convert its mechanical food industry into all organic, and instead of only having whole foods or trader joes to purchase worthy foods from we could have a whole society based off of these better living ideas?America is lazy. Intelectuals are lazy. The 60’s are over 50 years out the window, and people just dont care to go out of their way liek they used to. Whole foods started out as a good idea, but has turned out to produce a generation of consumer contious empty pocketed self rightous democrats who fight from the comforts of their hemp covered couches while they watch rachel ray, and dream of another chai latte.

I do have to say, they are good for dumping a plate full of samples on me every time i go in one, i can get a free meal by taking a handfull of samples at each station, and walking out well fed. I say in silent protest we all eat up their samples, and nothing else.

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Death toll

Ive seen a lot of dead people so far in my life, so i decided to keep a toll.

One the other day, a mid 30’s white woman rammed her jeep into the back of a semi-truck’s trailer bed, her entire front end of the jeep was pushed through her abdomen, the cops hhadnt arrived yet, she was slouched and had a dead mans stare looking out the window at the pavement, some citizens were there directing traffic. Broad day light.

one old lady my mom was blowdrying her hair in a blow dryer chair, and my mom told me to sit on her lap, i did, and she didnt flinch, turns out she died under the blow dryer.

saw a girl and a guy get in a fight late one night in a big drinking town, the girl jumped on the guys back and he pushed her through a glass store front display, glass shattered, and sliced her jugular, like a modern day beheading,

when i was little my mom wanted to visit her faimly in ohio from florida with my sister and i, and we put an ad in a craigslist type free paper, and got a response form a 90yr old woman with a tuna boat cadalac or somethitng, big tanker of a car, anyway halfway back from ohio she keels over and dies drinking a strawberry milkshake in arbys, i lost my appitite for arbys food when i saw the paramedics pumping her stomach thinking she was choking, and it ozzed out of her crinkled old mouth

stumbled upon a crowd in the drinking town and found a man on the sidewalk black young male mid 20s his head was cracked open and part of his brain was on the sidewalk, he was cunvulsing and im sure was goinng to die before he made it to the hospital,

driving in the mountains with my dad, and faimly late one night him and i were the only ones still awake in a dense fog, in the anderondecs or shenedoahs or something liek that, and we watched a pair of taillights in front of us swerve and fall off the side of the mountain,

my father died of cancer when i was 8 years old, had 16 golf ball sized tumors all over his body at one point, and kemo did nothing but deteriorate his health at a faster rate.

im sure my streak with death isnt over by any means, im only 21, so check back often for more.

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Does wal-mart breed bad parents or do bad parents fuel wal-mart?

I see more and more bad parents and in direct correlation i see more and more wal-marts. be it statistically accurate or not, i begin to wonder if one is fueling the other. sure you can get everything you need at wal-mart for damn near nothing, but outside of halving to walk around the same aisles for two to three hours looking for one thing, and impulsively buying a bazillion others, therefore counterbalancing the money you could have saved by going someplace more quaint and homegrown, you dont get the soothing relief of catching the sites, such as the sunset of buildings that actually have some ethnic makeup to them as opposed to big green and blue square slapped with cheep stucco, and security cameras.

like a dog loves to excercise, both children and parents need excercise as well. You need to get out and live. Sure wal-mart is convenient and cheep, but it sucks you in and sucks your patience and wallet dry, with its aisles and aisles of bargans, and rows and rows of empty checkout lines where only one or two registers will be open and you have to wait for all the other screaming frustrated children and their parents to purchase all their useless shit to be hearded through the line.

Does this atmosphere breed bad parents and unresponsive children? Not directly. What it does provide is lots of frustration, and nowhere to release that tension. Like heat making people crabby, wal-mart makes people on edge.

There could also be a direct correlation between low income faimilies shopping at wal-mart to stretch their income a bit further, and already on edge consumers who live in delapitated faimily hom0es, who may have had children before they were prepared and became frustrated parents stressed to oblivion due to such grueling circumstances.

we live in an age where condoms are prevelent, but we all know they are in the way, we have abortion but the laws are strict, we have parents who shy away from the subject, and we have stores schools, and daycares, and tvs in the car popping up raise our children for us. So for that few hours we spend each day taking our children for walks down the aisles of wal-mart begging them not to put one more impulsive toy in the already bogged down broken cart, why shouldnt we hate the world for placing such burdens upon us? why shouldnt we take it out on our children we didnt want in the first place?

Seeing bad parents, abuse their children verbally in public is sadly entertaining. Like being amazed at the filth, and not able to look away, but feeling hopeless to correct the issues at hand as just a mere bystandard with no children of my own. What can i do about it?

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New Orleans stare

Went to a womans home today to pick up some donations for a church I was working at, the watermarks on her home were over my car. Her house was in shambles.

Her body was shaky, her nerves were shot, she had a million repairs to perform on her home, on her life, she was in debt, she was being ripped off every which way she turned for help, she had nothing, but what she had, she wanted to give to people less fortunate than her.

Her eyes told me of her infinate despair, coupled with rays of hope and aspiration of the promised land. even though her body  pushing through her work, and her brain may have been on the forfront, helping her pluck away at her chores, her eyes couldnt hide what her soul was feeling. Ive never seen the human spirit like that before, broken, battered, but still pressing onward, ever hopeful, and thankful even to just still be alive. What a beautiful world we live in.

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Is there good in all bad?

If there is good that spurs from bad, does that mean that all bad is good?

<P>In my daily routines, I have found that </P>
<P>in every light, there is dark, </P>
<P>in every night there is day, </P>
<P>with every storm there is calm</P>
<P>and with every joy there is pain.</P>
<P>This is unfortunately the ways of the world we live in, and many have discoverd this before me. I think the ancient ying yang theory says it best</P>
<P>there are no absolutes.</P>

If a tradigity for example 9-11 brings people together, and encourages good, does that make the bad event worth while to somebody? Does the appriciation of loved ones become greater when something horrible happens to them?? Is bad nessicary to create good? If it is, then what is the difference between the two? How do you differentiate between good and evil?

How do you know that doing something good for people, like donating time energy food supplies isnt destructive in that it makes those people reliant, and depressed that they have to take those things from you or they will not survive? If you can obscurely twist good into bad, and vice versa, do you really appriciate anything anymore?

What else is there to life? Once you stop seeing things as either good or bad, or both at the same time, do you just become indifferent? Perhaps i have become indifferent. How unfortunate is that?

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Live for the moment

Its a strange thing to grow old physically but not mentally. To gain wisdom but never act upon it. To live in the moment each day like it was your last, when everyone else around you is dead set on planning for the future, or making up for the past.

when you live for the moment, love is stronger, hate is more intense, depression flows like rain, and happyness is as abundant as air. Emotions are the brains way of communicating. We are animals. We are not supposed to dwel on things that happen. Or plan accordingly. Sure some animals such as ants bees and things, build for the future, prepare for the storm to come, but these are mundane creatures who never explore the possibilities of lust like the dolphin, or rage like the hippopotomus, these raw emotions not harvested only acted upon when triggered are more beautiful than any words can discribe.

why must then people hold back these feelings, repress something that occurs naturally inside each and every one of us. Why cant humans be more like children, and less like stiff worker bees. why does everyone around me think i need to see a shrink? Just because i live in the moment.

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