3:10 to Yuma

yuma poster
never too impressed with movies these days, thanks to lack of plot, and nothing but strutting off stupid cg, and superstars, I walked in not expecting much out of 3:10 to Yuma. However, I was utterly astounded. There was little to no gore, nothing you wouldhave nightmares about anyway, little swearing, plenty of moral principles, a side with the rebal kindof movie, where you sit clenched fisted and grinding your teeth the whole way through. Not to ruin the ending for anyone looking to see this film, it was just refresshing to see an actual movie with some meat on it. It was a modern day spaghetti western, and I loved it. It was intense, and you had no idea where it was going to go, It came out of left feild, and to be honest, i think its the best film ive seen in a long time. I mean it was nothing special, and ill probaqbly never see it again, but it was a relief form box office blockbusters, it didnt need a punch line, or a band following, or tv spots, it just needed you to sit down and watch it. I had dreams of being a rebal cowboy last night, and i probably sized up my pillow in my sleep. You should go see this movie and appriciae good solid filmmaking.

two thumbs up. This film gives me hope for the future of filmaking. Someone needed to take film back to its roots.

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