average day

nothing to interesting going on today, loafing around in minneapolis, applied for a job at a beet harvest in western minnesota, and am going to go to the mall of america in a few mins to look for food left out by sloppy patrons in the food court. Hopefully i can find an internet connection there, but who knows. Ive been sleeping pretty well in my car, its nice out now, but i got to move south soon before the cold of fall hits. I hope i get this beet harvest job, but its not looking to good. I need ot get my tags renewed, but im sure its gonna cost me a fortune, and im not looking forward to it. I dont have an address, so im not sure what state i should apply for a tag in. I guess florida.

I put an ad in craigslist last night asking anyone to let me use their shower, as i have been getting smelly, skateboarding in a free park all day, got some responses, but havent contacted any of them yet. On e was a creepy old man, two were college women, and another woman offered me tea and a shower. I think im going to put this ad in everywhere i go, and just see who i meet.

im kindof hungry, so i guess i better go over to the mall, i hope i dont make a mistake, which i do sometimes, and wind up going someplace looking for food, and cant get any there wasitng all my day looking for food, and starving. Sometimes you just cant find food, no matter how hard you try.

I took a shower in a sink in a handycap bathroom today, snuck in an underground tunnel below a college gym, ate some of my emergency rations which i hate doing, but when you cant find food anywhere else, what are you supposed to do? starve? im currently stealing internet from a bagle shop next door, powering up from an outlet in a bank lobby. its hard to find power, free wi-fi on the other hand is everywhere. but power is hard to come by.

the weather has been nice, mid 60’s and sunny, so im starting to get weary, as i know its going to suck soon. so im off to the mall of america, maybe i can get back online there.

end transmission

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