I dont know what it is about the open road that is so romantic, then again, I suppose I do.
The lonelyness takes over,
the excitement drives you,
the oppertunities of a fresh start in a new place you have never been,
the anxieities,
the sunrises,
the sunsets,
the tunnels!
I love the tunnels!
The scenery,
nyc drivinng
the isolation,
the connection when you smile at another driver
in the bubble they call a car in the lane next to you.
friends in the passinng lane

Drivinng is liberation at its finest.
It is as much a part of being free as anything in this world.
I represents change.
It represents moving forward, and never looking back.
It is unfortunately an integral part of being homeless,
constantly being on the move,
as you can only mooch on the same community for so long
before you have to find alternative shelter in another town.

Driving is birth,
a cycle,
as the tires rotate,
like the key turns the ignition.
big truck

I love driving as much as i hate it,
and its something I hope I never have to be
more than an arms length from.
daydreaming about my car

When you get old they take your liscense,
penguin driver
getting old is dying before youre due date.
I never want to live past 45.
Im going to be eaten by a bear in the wilderness.
eaten by a bear
I got it all planned out.
That is… if there are any bears left by then.

Who is ready for a road trip?

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