John Brown inspired me, how about you?

Im sitting here at the base of the armory where john brown raided in Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. how do you explain the eery feeling of “can do” feeling you get from a place like this? Anyone can pretend to be a revolutionary, but when you are oppressed for so long so brutally, it can only be a matter of time before you too have to pick up the gun (be it physical or mental) and say you know what?ive had enough of this. I want something different, and i dont care how i am to get it.

what must it have felt like to know you were going up against the devil? What was running through John Browns mind, everyone who was with him, backing him, they all knew they would die, they all knew the stakes, they were out to change the world for their children, how must they have felt sneaking around those mountainns above Harpers Ferry? Sneaking around them myself I caught a glimpse of John Brown and his men, and chills ran down my spine.
caves around harpers ferry
sneaking around to descend upon harpers ferry
above harpers ferry
harpers ferry

strange as it may seem as unfashionable as i did pick up a book on john brown, not knowing who he was, i stumbled upon his turf in the same clumsy manor. But on both occassions i leave feeling inspired, like i can do anything. Who is your john brown?

p.s. thank you high life, (my latest hitchhiker) for inspiring me to hike the Appalachian trail, how ever you spell it. I promise i will follow in yours and countless others footsteps someday. There is no doubt in my mind. Anything is possible. Thanks again john brown.

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